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... I am also taking niacin doses and every time I do, the body starts turning a deep red and there is alot of itchiness and burning sensations. This has happened the last 4 times I have taken it. ... (13 replies)
... The biggest changes are improved mood, cognitive function, and overall energy level. I'm getting days now where I have no brain fog whatsoever, and my energy is completely normal. Even at doses of 1500mg a meal I'm not experiencing any flushing at all anymore. ... (13 replies)
... I just went through my monthly "Herx" while still on the Niacin, and I can say for certain it was the worst I have ever felt in my life. Sweet Mary I couldn't even keep water down for 16 hours and every bone in my body hurt. ... (13 replies)

... I too was told I had M.S. ... (7 replies)
... infections. To date I can only say I've found one that I can pretty confidently say appears to actually work. It seems that Deitrich Klinghardt is right about Niacin. ... (13 replies)
... I may have missed this part.. but what does your doctor say about your being on this treatment? ... (13 replies)
... I had a severe case of it, but I have finally eradicated it. I would be happy to answer your questions, if I can. I have not read this doctor's book on Babesiosis. ... (6 replies)
... but did eventually read some of it. 6,000mg daily is not nearly enough to cause overdose symptoms. People have taken up to 20,000mg of Niacin with no problems. ... (13 replies)
... RIBb for quantitative rapid identification of Bb. The test uses an animal derived antibody to Borrelia boriensis modified to carry a fluorescent molecule. ... (3 replies)
... i finally tested postive for borrelia and rickettsia infections. ... (0 replies)
... Hi Oliverbenny, Lyme is not a once size fits all. We all display different symptoms and it hits all of us differently. You can have the borrelia bacteria and it goes into remission only to flare out later in life, due to some other illness or stress. It mimics over 300 conditions. ... (3 replies)
... Yes, I have been to this center, if it is the one you mention. I personally would not refer a loved one there. ... (14 replies)
Nov 7, 2015
... Hi Gail!! Sorry that you do have Lyme. But it is good that you know what you are dealing with. ... (5 replies)
... I first posted a couple of weeks ago. Since then things have gone from bad to worse to bad again. ... (8 replies)
... I printed out your enthusiastic message the same day you posted it intending to get back quicker. When my wife is not doing well, I find myself shying away from other people's pain and difficulties. It has been a tough 2 weeks waiting for the Samento to kick in. So ,I hope you see this. ... (35 replies)
Jun 19, 2007
... Hi I've read the same research; it's really pretty fascinating. Have you tried using N-Acetyl Cysteine? It's been proven to boost Glutathione levels (I think it's actually a precursor), and is readily available at most health food stores. I've been using it for a while and it does seem to help. Interestingly, the Wheldon-Stratton protocol for Multiple Sclerosis/Chlamydia,... (6 replies)
Sep 12, 2006
... you have Lyme disease. The bullseye, also known as an erythema migrans or EM, is sufficient for a diagnosis. However, if you don't have photographs of the rashes or if they aren't actually seen by a physician, it can make getting a correct diagnosis difficult. ... (11 replies)
Bit on Saturday
Nov 1, 2015
... There is no point in being tested. You have the bite and the rash. The only sane thing to do is to immediately begin taking the appropriate antibiotics, probably doxycycline or amoxicillin. ... (3 replies)
... times they are prescribed because Lyme can cause sleep disturbances and the body cannot heal if you cannot sleep. Obviously some of them can be addictive so you have to watch it. But what you mentioned from the other website, that is just assinine. ... (13 replies)
... is a tick taxi," says Goudie, 48, of Aptos. "I figure she carried the tick in, the tick didn't like the taste of her and, when she sat down on me, the tick must have smelled me and thought I seemed like a better meal. ... (0 replies)

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