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... round, I take my doxy and as the ride goes, I feel better and better. That is what it has always been like in the past when I needed abx for illness. In a few days I felt better and the longer I did it the better I got. ... (3 replies)
... Hi, I am a newbie here so I will be as brief as I can... ... (1 replies)
Lyme MS?
Apr 26, 2016
... Hi everyone , new here I'm Kim This is going to be a long story and for that I apologize but I'm hoping for input. I turned 50 on December 18 2015 . ... (11 replies)

... Well Lala, my story. Thank God I kept a daily log when symptoms started. ... (18 replies)
... Was wondering if anyone had good results with Minocycline. I have a history of neuro. lyme which had resolved with treatment about 1.5 yrs. ago. I found a tick on me 10 days ago and have come down with chills, headache, fatigue, neck pain and low grade fever. ... (0 replies)
... like symptoms, such as headache, stiff neck, mild fever or chills, swollen glands, muscle aches, and fatigue. ... (40 replies)
... So, I have had strange symptom plagues ever since August, which used to only involve my ears, but now seem to affect my entire nervous system. ... (2 replies)
... the mark that shows up on your body looks like a bulls eye mark....the center is very red and the next layer is pale then a layer a of red again on the out do get very sick but I dont know about the brain thing just keep up with dr (2 replies)
... I have been sick since the end of May this year, don't remember getting any tick bites. ... (2 replies)
Oct 11, 2011
... About a month ago I got a really bad viral infection of the lungs. I had a fever, swets, chills etc. that seemed to clear up after a couple of weeks. I felt better went back to work and felt good for a couple more weeks Then I started feeling tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. ... (2 replies)
Is this it?
Sep 20, 2008
... I am brand new to message boards and am posting here because I think that I may have finally found an answer. ... (0 replies)
... rea goes a little numb, neck pain, lower back pain, right wrist pain, and joints in hand, severe right hip pain, ankle pain, and joints in rt foot, my legs ache, i am dizzy, some times vision is like i see smoke in the room, very sensitive to light and sound, hair loss, confusion, forgetfullness, depressed. ... (1 replies)
... literally feels like I have run marathons. ... (2 replies)
... ymptoms for tick borne diseases. Ticks can also transmit Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia and mycoplasma. Babesia Symptoms are often the same as for lyme disease but there may also be a fever, anemia, night sweats, chills, headaches, fatigue, neck pain, weakness, nausea... ... (8 replies)
Could it be back?
Oct 19, 2011
... Hello, i'm new to this site and I joined up because it seems like there is a great community of helpful people here. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you for your response. I have had a large percentage of those symptoms you listed off and on for many years. I was really healthy as a child, then I began having some female problems in my teens, and then started getting really sick after my first child was born over forty years ago. ... (23 replies)
... te Sept the numbness spread considerably and by Oct 13, everything was numb head to toe except for my front torso. When the numbness went into my face and head, I also got pressure in my ears and head that never went away. From Oct 13 to now, I have been numb and had the pressure. ... (19 replies)
... I wanted to keep you posted on my progress since I last wrote. ... (42 replies)
... As was stated, no Lyme test is completely reliable and results can vary by lab. From what I understand, the ELISA or titer is the least reliable and the one most doctors run first. ... (15 replies)
Mar 19, 2010
... hey appear with chills, soaking night sweats and body aches. when we started dating it got worse. these fevers start appearing every two weeks. he would know the fever was coming that morning. he got pain in his head and eyes. he would feel weak and get terrible chills and night sweats that were soaking wet. ... (3 replies)

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