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... The first time I took flagyl, my I felt like my body was extremely run down and I had a serious depression. I could not get out of it. Someone told me to increase my B12 and that seemed to help quite a bit. ... (22 replies)
Feb 10, 2005
... Hi Raleigh, sorry you're going through all that. You are taking a lot of abx like most of us and the effects can be pretty harsh. I took flagyl for a short time and I did have some trouble with it but not the kind of trouble you're describing. I just get very weepy even on low doses. ... (7 replies)
Mar 31, 2011
... It is less harsh. It can be used in some instances to replace flagyl. I am not sure if the same for lyme. I will never take flagyl again for any reason. I took it for lyme, but I took if for something else. It made me so sick, I thought I was crazy or dying. In the end, when I finished flagyl, I was better. ... (3 replies)

Q's about Flagyl
Feb 22, 2008
... Hi datgrlstef. Some people have intense herxes on Flagyl. It treats the cyst form of Lyme. I never took Flagyl, I took Tinidazole with another antibiotic. It also treats the cyst form and is supposed to be easier to tolerate. What doses of each are you taking? ... (13 replies)
... when I left crist's office in august i had 3 abx scripts plus nystatin... ... (12 replies)
... of aids patients taking Flagyl eventually develop peripheral nerve damage. ... (10 replies)
Feb 9, 2005
... I started Flagyl on Monday. I can only take it and other antibiotics 3 days a week because of low white blood count. The day after I took it, I got a sore throat and pressure in my chest, along with awful metallic taste. I also couldn't sleep that night. On my off day, I felt better. ... (7 replies)
... You're right that Flagyl can be a tough med to be on, but keep in mind that it is also a really good med for Lyme. It is killing off cysts, I always keep that in mind if I start feeling crappy when taking Flagyl. ... (14 replies)
May 15, 2008
... Hi Karl. Yes, Flagyl is a cyst-buster. It is pretty strong. Is your doctor having you build up the dose or start the full dose at once? I took Tinidazole (which is similar to Flagyl) with another antibiotic and it definitely helped. Good luck! (4 replies)
... I was doing really good on minocycline for quite some time now. I was able to tolerate it really well. I was taking 600 mg. per day for as long as 3 weeks straight. ... (4 replies)
Hello Friends
Sep 17, 2006
... I wanted to let you all know that I am still with the living. If you want to call it that. ... (10 replies)
Apr 12, 2008
... Hi PackGirl378. Flagyl is used to treat the cyst from of Lyme. From what I understand, it needs to be taken with another antibiotic. Are you taking it with something else? ... (7 replies)
Apr 11, 2008
... Before I had a Lyme diagnosis, I was put on Flagyl for other reasons. When I took the Flagyl, my speech became so impaired that I sounded like a drunk person. I also studdered really bad and couldn't make sense. ... (7 replies)
... I never take a day off from antibiotics, but I don't take flagyl for more than a week at a time. I just rotate to other things. Right now I take zithromax and plaquenil for a week and then switch to flagyl for a week. The flagyl used to really mess me up, but now I can take it with no problems. ... (12 replies)
Feb 22, 2005
... I am taking Levaquin on M, W and Fri. I take it after dinner. I find, by bedtime, I am so sore I can hardly move and can't find a comfortable position for sleeping. ... (16 replies)
... My INS will only pay for 14 days of Biaxin XL, but will pay for regular Generic Biaxin for as long as I need it. I wouldn't reccommend the Amp. ... (9 replies)
... I learned that after I took the Flagyl . The Dr I am seeing now says it's a must! The b12. I am so glad you're feeling better! That flagyl is heavy duty...........Let me know how you're doing . ... (10 replies)
... I take Flagyl 500 mg twice a day, but only 3 days a month. I am taking it with Levaquin and the combo makes me really sick. They stopped the Flagyl for a while and now I am back on it. I took it yesterday and was sick in the bathroom all day. I can't stand the stuff! ... (22 replies)
Jan 12, 2005
... I just read yesterday and you can see my post to Carl Erik forget what it is called but that flagyl is the only antibiotic that will kill the cyst form of lyme. ... (4 replies)
... Hi BDFM, I had a hard time with flagyl when I started it, but it doesn't bother me anymore, although I'm not on it right now. ... (5 replies)

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