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... The federal agency that monitors the quality of medical testing labs had ordered Igenex Inc., of Palo Alto, to cease all testing as of last Friday. But that deadline has been lifted to give the company time to appeal. ... (17 replies)
... I put in a link about a article on IgeneX. Apparently it was deleted by the mods. The article was from 2001 regarding some gov. agency trying to close the Lab down, citing inefficiency and bad working protocols. How do I get permission to post the link? (the truth is, if you google "igenex" you'll find the article on the first or second page of the search results. Rodney:... (17 replies)
... from my doctors that demonstrate common understanding about Lyme test results. I found extensive information on the web that indicates significant confusion and controversy on this. I focus on IgG. ... (17 replies)

... I did a western blot for Lyme from another lab, and I had band 41 and 58 show up. I later did a western blot with IGenex and Had band 41 and 2 IND. So I was NOT more positive with IGenex. In fact they showed less. So Igenex is not positive for everybody. ... (6 replies)
... he knows about Igenex and uses them for testing, 2. ... (17 replies)
... infections and how my immune response is so great but she mentioned an interesting fact to me that I was questioning in the 1st place about the validity of Igenex and immunosciences testing. ... (6 replies)
... And the people who do have they're tests done at igenex are usually those that anyway know that they have lymes, they have all the symptoms and are already feeling sick. ... (17 replies)
... My understanding of Lyme Literate labs like Igenix is they test more sensitively. They look for a wider variety of proteins which point to an immune response to Borrelia. A lab like Quest takes a smattering of many many types of Borrelia and then tests for a generic number of proteins. Some labs specializing in tick born illnesses test protein response for each individual... (17 replies)
... Hi tarapags. How long were you sick before getting diagnosed and what is the total time you have been on continuous treatment? Were you tested for all the co-infections? Do you have any? IgeneX is one of the best labs for Lyme testing. They do not have positive results for everyone who tests there. They do have more sensitive testing on the Western Blot and they list... (6 replies)
... I also had test done with Igenex twice...NOOOOO positive here either.. ... (6 replies)
... There was an article in 2001 regarding the reliability of the testing of IgeneX. Did anyone see it? (17 replies)
... I just got back the results of my Igenex western blot and the IGM was positive, IGG negative. ... (8 replies)
... She told us after 28 days with no positive result that it could not be lyme or else something would have happened...he would feel better. Then when we went to see Hilton she said that it definitely wasn't lyme because he wouldn't be sick anymore if it was lyme after all the antibiotics he had had - he would have been cured! She had patients in wheel chairs who were... (14 replies)
... What DOES she think he has if not lyme. and honestly, I am torn about the Igenex controversy. ... (14 replies)
... our symptoms means that you most definitely have Lyme Disease in my opinion. Ticker can tell you more about the other numbers. I didn't know there was a heated controversy over Igenex and it's "testing procedures", in my opinion, IgeneX is the most accurate of any Lab in the U.S. ... (8 replies)
Apr 1, 2005
... If it weren't for IgeneX I would be laying on the couch, unable to move, probably about 90 lbs. ... (6 replies)
... hello- the doc is in western mass (east longmeadow) (6 replies)
... Hi Tara- I've been looking forward to the update from you on Dr Hoadley. Thanks. I wonder if it is possible that certain lab's methodology fits a patient better than others and it is not a one size fits all solution. NOT that I am an expert, but if I had indications of MS, I would put the IV in hold. As I am sure you know, abx makes MS worse, just as MS meds make Lyme... (6 replies)
... where in Massachusetts is this doctor??? (6 replies)
... thank you Randy and Zaandvoort for your insightfull replies. I didnít mean to offend anyone, Iím still trying to understand this whole complicated thing. (17 replies)

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