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... lyme literate medical doctor. Also, maybe have your blood work sent to Igenex lab. But many people with LD don't test positive. This doesn't mean they don't have lyme. ... (1 replies)
Igenex Lab
Mar 6, 2006
... I don't really fully understand why such a push on Igenex Lab. I know it is one of the reputable labs but if the LLMDs dx on symptoms and do not rely on a lab test why bother wasting the time and the money? ... (8 replies)
Igenex Lab
Mar 6, 2006
... My doctor clinically diagnosed me, but warned me once we began doing testing that the positive Lyme result would not come out of Lab corp. ... (8 replies)

Igenex lab results
Mar 12, 2013
... I got my test results back today. I'm negative according to the CDC and Igenex criterias but I still think my results are significant. What do you think? ... (0 replies)
... s unable to see this doctor into August 2008. He had that big of a back log. The other doctor I've seen one time. I called his office and they agreed to sign the IgeneX lab requisition even before I ever saw him. I just had an appointment two weeks ago with him and the IgeneX results weren't completed yet. ... (8 replies)
... choirmom, There are different strains. This is why if you call Igenex Lab (the best lab for lyme testing) and ask to speak to the doc about what tests to order he will ask in what part of the country you were infected. If you see an LLMD he/she will will most likely send your blood to Igenex and also test for all the co-infections. Tess (3 replies)
Apr 1, 2005
... I've been trying to get more information on Igenex lab in CA but their website isn't coming up. Doesn anyone know what the deal is with them? ... (6 replies)
... Hi, The best way "to be sure" is to see an LLMD - lyme literate medical doctor - and let him/her order the tests. I say this because tests for lyme are not all that accurate and often produce False Negatives. This is why lyme is diagnosed first by clinical symptoms. However, if you just want to proceed with testing call Igenex Lab in Palo Alto, California (the true lyme... (1 replies)
... i am still new around here but i am wondering, why is it that igenex seems to be the only lab that can give a better reading? ... (2 replies)
... could somebody please help me understand these western blot lab results done by igenex? ... (2 replies)
... My doc just emailed my IGeneX lab results and we have a phone in appt. tomorrow AM to go over them and discuss treatment protocol. ... (24 replies)
... are the ones Igenex considers most important. The IGG is considered posistive by Igenex if 2 or more double starred bands are positve. ... (7 replies)
... I believe the son of IgeneX's director got Lyme some years ago and he was frustrated with the available tests and wanted better ones. IgeneX uses more sensitive testing and list more bands on the Western Blot. ... (2 replies)
... iting this to you because you and I talked about what I should being doing about this possible Lymes Disease. I have a question about how accurate the tests from Igenex are. I finally got my Dr. to send my blood to the Igenex lab in California and they came back negative for Lymes. ... (4 replies)
Igenex Lab
Mar 6, 2006
... When I went to see Dr. Crist for the first time in October he said it was lyme. No more testing needed. I still asked for the Igenex test so I could validate myself. I didn't do co testing because he treats for co's regardless. ... (8 replies)
Igenex Lab
Mar 6, 2006
... Hi Moecasey I have paid for 1 igenex for my own which was negative, my son is now going to LLMD im having to concider the cost again, its 480 i think the proof in the treatment with my doxy means, it is here.. So probably wont be doing another igenex. However if mine was positive, i would be getting my son tested, The fact he got it in utro may mean less chance of a... (8 replies)
... Again, tests for lyme are not accurate because many factors need to be present at the time of testing. Also, the lab that does the testing is important. To date, Igenex Lab in Palo Alto California is where your blood should have been sent. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Helene. Which lab did the Western Blot? ... (1 replies)
... Yes. You need to see an LLMD, lyme disease specialist and get retested at Igenex Lab for co-infections as well. Take a look at the stickies at the top of this board for more information. You need to start treatment ASAP. Best with this, Tess (7 replies)
... I had an IGeneX lab kit sent to my dad and am insisting he be tested. He does agree and due to his symptoms, he does believe he has it too. ... (24 replies)

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