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... Two weeks ago I was tested for Lyme. It was done by quest. Only bands 41 igg & 66 igg were reactive. Dr. Called and said I was negative for acute Lyme. But she prescribed me doxycycline for 14 days. I have been taking antibiotics for 6 days. My question is, what do my results mean? I am getting so much information and I really donít understand it all. I do know that on day... (1 replies)
... your own research as possible on LD as you will discover all these things for yourself and be in a better position to make informed decisions. Also, try to find lyme support groups. Other "lymies" are invaluable in finding correct information about LD. ... (1 replies)
... HI All, I got my second lab results(Quest). My first test in June09 came back as; Lyme AB 1.23 (positive) Overall IGG and IGM (WB) - negative IgG 41 KDa Band reactive (WB) Overall IGG and IGM (WB) - negative (0 replies)

... HI All, My first lyme test in June09 came back as; Lyme AB 1.23 (positive) Overall IGG and IGM (WB) - negative IgG 41 KDa Band reactive/positive (WB) (3 replies)
... had a wobbly gait, heart palpatations, short of breath, ringing in ears, weak muscles, and many other things I wont go on and on. I asked another doctor to do a lyme test, he thought I was crazy that lyme doesn't happen in Georgia, but did one anyways now my results are Index 1.26 Igg 41 and 23 and IGM 23. ... (10 replies)
... My son is severely delayed and our doctor ordered some blood work. Hoping to get some direction on the Lyme AB Screen. Here are the results. Please Help! ... (1 replies)
... and IGM 41 IND. His exam with Dr. Jones was normal. We treated him with abx for a month after that visit to see if there were any changes but nothing was noted. ... (0 replies)
... Hello out there. My doctor tested me for lyme disease and says I have it via the following results: immunology 133 igm 41 positive igg 41, 23 positive He wants to put me on 1-3 months of antibiotics. My main symptoms are: 1) feeling hot/flushed/feverish off and on when I have no fever 2) chronic daily headache 3) low energy/fatigue 4) heart palpitations/rapid... (4 replies)
... went to the neuro and did a mri of brain with no contrast and it was normal, my neuro again said no ms. Soon my symptoms were gone. All blood work is normal too. Lyme with the infectious disease doc was negative. ... (13 replies)
... in my CSF, but they DID find a full positive lyme test in my CSF, with a 1 IGM and 7 IGG blood lyme western blot still. ... (11 replies)
... I lived in a rural area and actually had a tick imbedded in my waist area, my hubby dug it out. I did not know about Lyme at the time. ... (3 replies)
Lyme/Mold Combo
Jun 10, 2008
... I was wondering how many people with Lyme have trouble with mold and musty environments. I wonder if my problems stem from Lyme? ... (9 replies)
... I was looking through some old lab printouts last night, and I noticed something I hadn't before. It appears that I tested positive for Lyme 3 years ago in 2008. I believe my doctor at the time missed it, because the printout is kind of deceiving the way it is laid out. ... (1 replies)
Hopefully Lyme
Dec 4, 2015
... I'm at a cross road here trying to keep hopeful given the only other option other than Lyme is ALS. ... (2 replies)
... did get my lab results, I questioned her on what the two positive things were and she said not to worry you need to have 5 be present in order to be positve for Lyme disease Well, now I have been on the antibiotics for almost two weeks and something new started to happen a couple of days ago. ... (1 replies)
... Igm was positive for bands 23 and 41 .. and Igg 41 . . ... (4 replies)
... I have had severe neuro symptoms for 3 years. I just recently had a WB with IgeneX here were my results : IgM - #31 and #41 Indeterminate IgG - #41 + I have been tested for EVERYTHING else....nothing Also had EBV for 4-5 MONTHS with severe exhaustion just recently with very high levels...500's..... (3 replies)
... After rwading quit a bit about IGG and IGM's its still a gray area to me. ... (2 replies)
... feedbacks you might have. She is being treated my some very knowledgeable doctors with Lyme and Pandas but still presents a lot of unknowns. ... (0 replies)
... As you can see from Quest Labs there were many more "reactive" IGG bands compared to the IGenex results. However, there are several more "reactive" IGM band results from IGenex. ... (11 replies)

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