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... I too have the same result, with 23, 39, and 41 positive on the IgM. The IgG only has one band positive, 39. These test results were shared with me this week and are the results of my third western blot. ... (5 replies)
... I too have the same result, with 23, 39, and 41 positive on the IgM. The IgG only has one band positive, 39. These test results were shared with me this week and are the results of my third western blot. ... (1 replies)
... and doing too much at work, but finally went to my doctor and he had me tested for Lyme as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. ... (1 replies)

... Lyme literate doctors in my area, or country. It's mostly Neurologists who treat Lyme here. ... (4 replies)
... Most tests for Lyme are antibody tests. ... (2 replies)
... ophthalmologist, he was unable to confirm the cause of my double vision. I had extensive blood work for Lupus, RA, MG, Lyme and an MRI of my brain. All came back negative. ... (1 replies)
Jun 13, 2008
... Thanks, could you tell me what a band is. Is the the * or the + . What shows the bands? Thanks for you advice I appreciate it very much. Vicky (6 replies)
Jun 12, 2008
... However IgG can be read as an indication of a current infection, or of past exposure to or past infection by the organism. You are missing one band on the IgG to be declared a Lymie by CDC standard's. The CDC requires at least two band's on the IgM to be declared a Lymie, and you have zero. Do you have symptoms? ... (6 replies)
... I went to neurologist and Internist and nothing showed up in any routine blood tests, so I was at a loss as to where to turn. I made an appt. ... (3 replies)
... Based on our tracking, as well as input from our client physicians and our clinical consultant, the initial tests to order for Lyme disease are the IGeneX IgM and IgG Western Blot and PCRs. The Western Blots are used to determine if the patient is making antibodies. ... (18 replies)
... Those bands indicate positive for Lyme. I am not a doctor but I also had those bands positive. Your symptoms seem to be a lot like mine. I have been treating Lyme and coinfections for 4 years, and your symptoms are identical to what I used to have. Mine are a lot better after treating with antibiotics for 4 years. ... (9 replies)
Is it really lyme
Nov 14, 2015
... I am very very confused. I had a bad case of lyme disease in 2007, and the symptoms were mostly migrating arthritis. The Western Blot and ELISA were positive and I had 2 months of doxycycline. ... (1 replies)
... After fighting with various doctors for about 8 years to run the Lyme's test, I asked my dermatologist if she would run it along with some other blood work she was running on me. ... (2 replies)
... Fibromyalgia. In addition to the lyme, the blood work showed numerous other abnormalities, but my dr just said they were part of the underlying causes of my CFIDS and nothing to do with Lyme. ... (1 replies)
... Your abnormal test results could indicate both lupus and autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimotos disease). These 2 things can coexist, and can affect fertility, particularly if your thyroid hormone levels are low. DsDNA antibodies are specific for lupus. ANA can be positive in both conditions. C3&4 being low can occur in lupus, and the thyroid antibodies are high in Hashimoto... (4 replies)
... I was tested for Lyme disease by a neurologist who soon after left my insurance group. So I saw my primary care physician to go over the results, and he told me everything looked normal. ... (7 replies)
... Ever since I had my daughter I've bben (9 replies)
... so unwell off and on for 4 years now. I've been to many Dr's and specialists and none were helpful at all. I have had Mri's, Ct scans, tons of Xray, and lots of blood work. I have seen cardiologists many of them and I still get nowhere just told its anxiety. I am so tired of running to the Er every other month. ... (9 replies)
Undxed Lyme? Help!
Jun 17, 2008
... Seriously, get tested at a reputable Lyme disease testing center like Igenex Labs in California. Look them up on the internet, call them they will send you a blood tube kit. Have a doctor test you for the Western Blot IgG, and IgM panels. ... (6 replies)
... a half waiting list. Partly because he only works three days a week. It's worth the wait to see Dr. Markowitz. Don't waste the time or money to see an infectious disease doctor. They are too conservative and don't believe Lyme is in MI. ... (15 replies)

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