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In the South?
Apr 28, 2007
... For the FISH test a small blood smear is put onto a glass slide. ... (32 replies)
... of the comments that these doctors make. I think it goes beyond simple bedside manner when an ID doctor laughs and says there should be something 'fishy' with a FISH test. As you said it just highlights their ignorance but I want to be able to recall this stuff in the event I find myself defending a disability position. ... (2 replies)
In the South?
Apr 22, 2007
... Thank y'all for the info. I was reading many of the posts yesterday, and I really believe this is what I have. In thinking back, my symptoms (many different ones) started about 13 years ago and have just grown progressively worse. I just chalked it up to age, but I'm only 41 now. I know age plays a role, but I don't think I should be having all the problems I do just... (32 replies)

... Hi Ticker, Thanks! I wrote the name down of the dr. in PA. Any names for the Hyde Park or Armonk locations? Sorry if I'm being dumb here. Can I get it by searching Lyme & the city names? My Western Blot Test IGM & IGG & FISH were done at Igenex. Mycoplasma, Epstein Barr, Lymphocyte, CD-57, Thyroid, CMV was done at Quest. Should I get a CD-57 done again at Igenex?... (30 replies)
Mar 27, 2006
... e igm and igg, and sice i had some titer on that one, he suggest the FISH, the fish came back negative, so i ask him if that titer showed was important after the FISH negative and he said negative, thn my doctor called him and ask him about my babesia titer, and doctor harris again, said negative.. ... (10 replies)
... Western Blot test run for both IgM and IgG antibodies to Lyme. ... (10 replies)
... Hi All Iíll save you the dreary details unless asked but I've been struggling with my health for the past 23 months post a "viral infection". After two Lyme tests (ELISA and WB, both through Lab Corp) via my pompous GP doctor, I finally gave in and pursued a real Lyme literate doctor. Iíve literally seen 41 specialist in just about every medical field The LLMD reviewed... (4 replies)
... Just got our IgeneX test results back and a new CD57 test from LCorp for my Wife. I have also already seen the Western Blot band breakdown. Based on what I can conclude is that Lyme is a YES and co-infections are a NO. All feedback is much appreciated as I really don't understand much of the results after the WB results. Here are the results... CD57 132. This is... (1 replies)
... I ordered it Sunday (Last week) via the internet. Basic Lyme Panel - Western Blot IgG, western Blot Igm, LYme IFA $245 Complete Lyme Panel - WB Igm, WB igm, Lyme IFA, Lyme PCR-Serum/Whole Blood $450 Initial lyme Panels - WB IGg, WB IgM - $390 INitital Regional Co-Infections Panels$630 Complete co-infections panel (5 replies)
... VCA was IGG pos.. ... (121 replies)
In the South?
Apr 29, 2007
... I think that testing at many labs is your best option. Because Lyme testing is so grossly inaccurate (even Igenex is not perfect)...and I have seen the Top Lyme doctors--and most agree--if we were to take the whole world and test them for Lyme...most would have "some bands"---this doesnt mean everyone has Lyme disease, it just means that the tests are inaccurate. So how do we... (32 replies)
... The thing is on my Lyme IgM WB, IGenex said I was positive. I tested negative for everything else including the IGG so I guess when the ontario ministry of health did their interpretation, they thought overall it was negative. ... (2 replies)
... hi guys! please i need to help to understand my results i can not tipe it like in the exam beause my computer doesnt have the symbol that is like a v but will try to put it the best i can.. b. microti igm v tun to the opening to the right 1:20 b. microt igg no v 1:40 babeisa fish negative human monocytic igm v with the opening to the right 1:40 titer... (16 replies)
... but that my piece of mind,. but no really because showed something of a titer on babesia but the babesia fish was negative, and the good thing is that you can always ask doctor harris, i have called him like 20 times and he didnt got bored of me..i hope soo... ... (9 replies)
... hi peregrine, there are a few names for babesia at igenex... i had done 3, beause babesia was the co infeccion that concern me the most, there other 3 are treated with same antibiotics as lyme, while babesia is a parasite, and treated with antiparasites..if you are really concern, have the igg, igm and the fish, doctor harris suggest me doing the FISH, my doctor told me that... (41 replies)
... bigstan, to get tested for co-infections through IgeneX you can order the Initial Regional Co-infection Panels. If you contracted Lyme in Michigan it would be #5020 it covers Babesia IGG & IGM, Babesia Fish, HGE IGG & IGM, Bartonella IGG & IGM, but you also need to be tested for Ehrlichiosis HME #203. You are looking at $640.00 up front so be prepared. Good Luck, I hope that... (6 replies)
... I was not aware until recently that mycoplasma was a coinfection, but my blood test show a pos. Igg to mycoplasma, so I don't know if that means I was once exposed or that I currently have it. ... (21 replies)
Mar 27, 2006
... hi prema, when i told you about igg and igm i was refering at babesia microti igm and igg... ... (10 replies)
IgeneX results
Mar 16, 2006
... Thanks for this Brid. Taking only one test - the IGM - Mine is positive (both with IgeneX and CDC/NYS) and your's indeterminate; yet, ours look pretty much the same (I think.) Obviously, I'm not reading these correctly. Here is my IGM. See what you think (I will only list those that were positive. I don't know if the asterisks mean they are positive when they have a negative... (5 replies)
IgeneX results
Mar 16, 2006
... But Then The Babesia Fish Negative, So Doctor Harris Told Me I Dont Have Babesia.. ... (5 replies)

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