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... I now have the details of my test results: IgG/IgM by ELISA positive, C6 Peptide by ELISA positive, Western Blot IgM.Alt Equiv. Other tests were negative (bartonella, mycoplasma, babesia, ehrlichia). (Tests were done by MDL.) My doctor wants to start me asap on IV rocephin. (I've been on various oral abx for 18 months.) She said I'd get a PICC line in my chest put in... (5 replies)
New here!
Jun 30, 2012
... nth ago. I was re tested for everything under the sun including Lyme and it came back equivocal. They sent off for the western blot with labcorp and it came back positive for igM on 2 different things but negative on igG! ... (6 replies)
... Well I went to my specialist appt today and my blood came back IgG positive and IgM negative. She said I dont have Lyme and nothing is wrong with me and told me not to come back! What does it mean to be IgG positive? ... (13 replies)

New here - help?
Sep 17, 2012
... I'm in Canada, my health is a long story... I paid for Igenix testing and this is what came back: IFA, B BURGDORFERI G/M/A 40 (EQUIVOCAL) western blot igenix IGM RESULT POSITIVE CDC/NYS RESULT POSITIVE 18 kDa - **23-25 kDA ++ (1 replies)
... It says positive so does that mean it is Lyme? ... (1 replies)
... I would like to go back for a moment and explain, firstly I have a positive Lumbar puncture, Oligoclonal bands were found to be present in both my CSF and Serum. Because the O bands were in my serum aswel, MS has totally been ruled out. ... (3 replies)
... My daughter is 11. We just got her Western Blot from Igenx. IGM Single positive on bands 39 and 66. IGG double positive on band 30, single positive bands 41 and 66, indeterminate band 31. Negative titers for Babesia, Bartonella and Echrilosis. ... (5 replies)
... Thanks so much! This is really confusing to me but that did help. From that I can see why she is positive for Lyme but why is the CDC have those guidelines? ... (12 replies)
... in my opinion and my lllmd's opinion one of the best tests to run is the western blot, the IGg and the IGm, through a lab in california called IgeneX. ... (7 replies)
... infected. Sometimes people test negative intially and positive later on. ... (6 replies)
Frustrated ...
Jan 27, 2006
... wasn't going to even go back to the LLMD after all the neuro said negative. Just goes to show you 2 Dr looking at the same results interpret differently. I had negative IGG and positive IGM. non LLMD interpret this as a negative. Not so. ... (9 replies)
Test results
Dec 20, 2015
... Hi. I know how you are feeling as my daughter was diagnosed with Lyme. So from our experience we were told only 40% of Lyme disease shows up in conventional lab tests so hers were done at Igenex. I urge you to find a Lyme literate doctor as they will treat you immediately which is critical. It took one year for any doctor to test for Lyme and so now she has chronic Lyme which... (3 replies)
Test results
Dec 20, 2015
... I tested negative for Lyme. However, I tested positive on IGG bands 93, 58, 18, and 39. ... (3 replies)
... I do have symptoms, as I said I told my dr my symptoms and he acted like I was a hypochondriac. (7 replies)
... IgG positive IgM negative is consistent with PAST infection and not present. Positive means your blood has developed and contains antibodies against the infection you were diagnosed with. This is normal. ... (7 replies)
... Even though IgG was positive, if the IgM was negative, that means it's not a current infection, but an old one, past exposure? ... (7 replies)
I need help!!!
May 13, 2012
... igg western blot came back negative but reactive for igm band 23. I am not on any treatment as my doctor is still running tests. ... (4 replies)
Hi new to Lyme
Apr 16, 2012
... Hi peoples, I've just received my results and am totally confused. Have been feeling really crappy for about a year now and as I'm in Australia and we apparently don't have Lyme over here (********). I have been having the pins and needles, headaches and extreme fatigue as well as extreme bone pain which of course I was hoping was "just" Fibromyalgia. I say just because... (1 replies)
... This of course is a negative result according to both the CDC and IGeneX classifications. ... (5 replies)
... mdl is pretty reputable for testing, including lyme, or at least i knew they were a few years ago. i worked at a doctor's office who treated chronic lyme patients. they almost always used igenix, but sometimes used friend's mother used mdl and was diagnosed as positive, so at least i know they just don't find anyone negative. do you have a copy of your... (20 replies)

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