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... I had IM bicillin shots for about two months. ... (3 replies)
... Hi nothingtofear. Many people with Lyme have had good results with the Bicillin shots. I hope you are one of them! Good luck! ... (3 replies)
... I know Amy Tan the writer says that Bicillin shots work for her ;) (3 replies)

... Went back to my doc yesterday. He wants to start me on shots 2X a week of Bicillin- plus the Plaqunel, plus Maleron plus Zithromax. He is taking the Mepron and the Omnicef out of the routine. In addition he is adding Nystatin and Dyflucan for yeast that he says i have but i dont feel. ( he looked at my tongue). Has anyone has any experience with shots? He says IV is next if... (3 replies)
I.M. Rocephin
Jul 13, 2006
... I've never heard of these. I took IM Bicillin for months and it did nothing for me except hurt like heck and give me big bruises. ... (2 replies)
Too much abx?
May 29, 2011
... Hi everyone- I started with a new naturopath recently and he wants to do a PCR test. I have suffered for about 6 years and have been treated by another LLMD during that time with limited results. I have never had a positive Lyme test (equivocal), even Igenix. So, the new doc wants to force a herx and do the PCR so he can figure out which abx are needed for IV treatment. He... (2 replies)
Have a Question
Jun 6, 2008
... I would be looking into Bartonella via Fry or IGenex if I were you. IV's are not always the answer. I am doing much better on orals and IM Bicillin. Using combinations of abx as opposed to straight IV. ... (4 replies)
... week IM injections on Monday...cleared up the neuro symptoms instantaneously!...also doing Jernigans neuro antitox. So far so good...feel like a new human being. ... (1 replies)
... the news i was afraid of. LOL Well the biaxin did nothing for me except bring on my neuro symptoms because of it constantly giving me systemic candida. It was like the cat chasing it's tail. You killed spirochettes with the biaxin but in turn i was too susceptible to yeast no matter how much floristor, essential formula or nystatin and diflucan i took. So I go on a 10 day... (2 replies)
Bicillin shots
Jan 18, 2007
... Its a thick IM injection so it burns and usually leaves a welt for a few days. Mine come in 3 inch needles, but my mom brings a 1.5 inch needle. ... (6 replies)
... PS I told you I would tell you what Dr. Crist said about the Bicillin shots. ... (16 replies)
... I only take Bicillin IM 1.2 million units per injection which correlates to 600mg per day. I wonder if thats enough? ... (16 replies)
... For me i was clinicall diagnosed with lyme, babesia and bartonella. On my Igenex test it showed positive for lyme (IGENEX standard only) and equivocal for babesia and rickettsia. I think its been about three or four months since i started the herbs and antibiotics and im only just starting to feel some small changes (less fatigue, muscle pains etc) probly due to the big... (9 replies)
... Just checking in to see if you've made progress with your treatment. I've been on doxy and bicillin for the lyme for about six weeks, along with some babesia treatment for the past few months. ... (17 replies)
... Actually I don't herx much with the natural stuff - even when I do stupid things and overdose lol, had arm pains and a little light headedness but other than that I handled it well. I also handled Doxy quite well, I am about to start Bicillin shots in my butt which I hear makes you feel better but is quite painful - I keep wondering what will make me herx more severely as... (17 replies)
The IVs??
Aug 9, 2008
... The biggest problem with IVs is not the expense, it's that most docs don't know to use a cyst-buster antibiotic at the same time. SO the IV drives the Lyme's into cyst form, the IVs end, and it comes right on out and reinfects you. If you don't take both at the same time, you're very likely to get sick again. And at $4000+ a month, you don't want to mess around. Simple oral... (7 replies)
The IVs??
Aug 2, 2008
... xactly Dr Phillips hesitation about the IVs, the return of symptoms is high. As far as doing the injections myself I guess it won't bother me since when I was on Bicillin IM my last injection was due on a holiday. My poor planning prevented me from making alternative plans for this and I ended up shooting it into my own thigh. ... (7 replies)

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