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... practiced Lyme expert to handle the case. Lyme's is just not a straight forward or well known disease. It seems that so many try to treat it without really understanding it. Monitoring needs to never stop, but the disease usually can be managed if your doctor knows what he is doing. ... (4 replies)
... ok. Back in June or july 2018, I went to the doctor because I felt a hot pins and needle sensation in my legs. ... (4 replies)
... Kromay, lyme testing is not accurate. ... (2 replies)

... I'm really sorry to hear about all of the problems that you've been experiancing. I know how scary it is to not know what is wrong with you. Here is a Lyme symptom list. You can have any combination of symptoms. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks so much for your reply! I live in St. Louis, Mo. My doctor said the blood tests came back positive but the only way to really know if its lyme is to test again in few weeks after im on the antibiotics. I just am not sure if I should believe her or not. I am scared I have something else. ... (3 replies)
... sure. I have now been on doxycycline for 2 weeks and do not feel an ounce better. I never saw a tick on me and I never saw a rash either. I am scared something else is wrong and the doctor just doesnt know. ... (3 replies)
... Below is a Lyme symptom list. You can have any combination of symptoms. ... (6 replies)
Lyme or not???
May 4, 2007
... of people who have Lyme ever get a rash. ... (7 replies)
... like symptoms at this time of year are definitely suspicious for Lyme disease. I agree that your brother should be evaluated by a Lyme doctor. Please know that someone who has Lyme should not take steroids, they can make symptoms much worse. ... (3 replies)
... If you suspect Lyme, you really need to get to a Lyme knowledgable doctor for evaluation and see what they have to say about it. Most doctors do not have sufficient knowledge of this disease and therefore do not treat or diagnose properly. ... (7 replies)
... I agree that it sounds like you were not treated long enough or aggressively enough initially. ... (21 replies)
... however many people who have Lyme do not have this many bands. Lyme doctors often look at which bands show. Some are specific for Lyme. ... (6 replies)
... I am so glad that you checked out the lyme board, when I read your post on the fibro board it reminded me so much of what I have went through, and so many other people that I have talked to and read about. There is a LLMD in Springfield MO. ... (10 replies)
... Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and could use some insight. In 1994 I tested positive for lyme through the very unreliable ELISA test. I was treated with doxycycline for 1 month and started to get better. ... (21 replies)
... like illness. It wasn't severe or debilitating, but it was unusual for me as I very rarely get sick. ... (4 replies)
... so my results are confusing me. I've been trying to research the significance of this one band, but I am not getting enough info about it to know if I really have Lyme or not. ... (2 replies)
... When I replied to your post, it was worded differently. Thats why I asked those questions. ... (4 replies)
Help is it lyme
Jul 25, 2006
... Hi zorm. I am sorry you have been through so much. Many people who have Lyme were first diagnosed with other diseases. People who have Lyme should not take steroids because they can make symptoms worse. This may be why they made you so sick. ... (4 replies)
... I want to thank everyone including Ticker who have led me to believe that my unknown chronic medical condition is most likely Lyme. ... (5 replies)
Lyme or not???
May 4, 2007
... Thanks for the reply. I have done a lot of research on lyme. It was the Dr. B's document on Diagnosis and Treatment I took to my doctor to convince to the test and trial treatment. ... (7 replies)

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