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Lymes or ms
Sep 25, 2005
... I want to thank everybody who has posted to my complaint about whether or not I have MS or Lymes Disease. I know this does not sound good but if i have to chose on whether or not its lymes or ms I hope its lymes so i can at least treat it to some extent. ... (6 replies)
... ong to diagnose her refusing to believe some one in Texas could have Lymes, that she eventually had a Vetinarian tell her to ask for a specific test. She did and it came back positive for Lymes. ... (16 replies)
... Hi Everyone, I'v posted here before awhile back I thought I had lymes disease. It's been 9 months since all my symptoms started back then I was talking to ticker about my symptoms, remeber me ticker Kyle from Minnesota? ... (16 replies)

... s on. I went to the hospital because i couldnt take the shaking anymore, they did a lumbar puncture to check for menangitis came up negative they also tested for lymes disease that was negative as well, so they say also checked for west nile that was negative. ... (10 replies)
Lymes or ms
Sep 24, 2005
... Hi Everyone, Alright I'v been going through hell for the last two years with symptoms of either ms or lymes. It started one day in a class I was taking for school for law enforcement. ... (6 replies)
... I have been batteling symptoms of lymes for 10 months now. For 7 seven of these months I have been being told that I have MS Because of lesions that showed up on an MRI. But no doctor is given me a diognoses for MS or will they listen to me. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Nuttmeg, Thanks for replying to my post I will take your advice and start pushing for this lymes disease test. Iv been to so many doctors, it's just like an endless road for me with no cure in the future. ... (16 replies)
Lymes or fibro
Mar 9, 2005
... Hello this is the second post I've done my husband and I worked in a bush camp out Timmons Ontario Canada 25 years ago is it possible for Lyme disease to affect him those years up to present time he has never been tested for Lyme's disease but he did say. ... (5 replies)
... Is it possible for you to travel to Missouri? ... (16 replies)
Lymes or MS??
Nov 2, 2007
... My name is Tara and I'm turning 23 yrs old next week. ... (8 replies)
... y legs and arms and sore knees in the AM.Symptoms then progressed to involuntary muscle twitching and anxiety. Went to PP said was just anxiety "dont worry about it " just BFS. ... (1 replies)
... My name is Lance and I was diagnosed with MS about a year and a half ago. Here is my question. ... (18 replies)
... u and I actually spoke on the phone some time ago. I actually am writing this to you because you and I talked about what I should being doing about this possible Lymes Disease. I have a question about how accurate the tests from Igenex are. I finally got my Dr. ... (4 replies)
Lymes symptoms
Aug 31, 2006
... I was wondering if anybody who has been diognosed with lymes disease has had double vison or at night if your vision get's alot worse. I'v had lymes symptoms for 3 years now and my visoin and dizziness is getting so bad that I can hardley read the newspaper or even drive a car. ... (4 replies)
... mickie thanks for the encouragement. and don't beat yourself up about the PT, we can only do what we can do and live with it for the moment and try again another day. one step at a time right? ... (4 replies)
... Well I'm fairly new to this board and I'v been seeing alot of stuff about the Igenix lab testing. I'v had severe eye problems now for about 2.5 years or so and I strongly believe it's from lymes disease. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Sassy, I too was told I had MS because of 3 lesions on my brain as well. BUt after going to Neuro's forever and countless MRI's they say it's not MS. So that's why am pursuing lymes disease. ... (7 replies)
... Thanks for the reply. It sounded like they wanted to do all the antibiotics at once. I am being treated based off of symptoms right now. ... (7 replies)
... Go back and reread tickers LYME DISEASE INFORMATION and I would suggest that you read the book she mentioned. I got my copy from my local library when I first started researching Lyme... ... (16 replies)
Lyme or MS?
Jun 6, 2011
... thanks for the responses. to clarify when i had the first round of blood work done well over a year ago now they stated it was lyme's disease. I than went to an LLMD who specialized in lyme and said to me their out of their minds you do not have lyme's disease. ... (3 replies)

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