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... i am getting a PIC line next week. dr c authorized an iv treatment for me. i'll be getting rocephin starting wednesday. ... (12 replies)
... After 2 years of oral antibiotics my doctor has approved the use of IV Rocephin. ... (6 replies)
Apr 3, 2007
... and IV antibiotics. ... (5 replies)

... i did not have a pic line i was told i would get abx for 1 year or longer so i chose a mediport implant. this sounded safer and with proper covering, i could still shower. ... (12 replies)
... are going to put me "semi" under for the actual placement of hopefully I won't feel much of the pushing and pulling of the lines going in as they run the line down one of the large viens near my heart. He told me my picc line will be a "hickman" type, placed near my collar bone. ... (12 replies)
... Dear Romans, I know you aren't happy but I am. I am hoping that all the bad herxing will become minimal with the IV. I can't emphasize enough how much I got myself worked up over the picc-line when they told me to go to the hospital to have it put in. I was sick all night. I thought it would be in my hand. When the ID's nurse explained it to me I had diarrhea all night... (12 replies)
... onths now. I'm still experiencing new joint pain areas, stiff neck and old reliable, FATIGUE! I'll be seeing my LLMD next week and I wonder if he'll start me on IV soon. I don't know much about IV treatment. Did you have a pic line inserted? ... (4 replies)
IV Therapy
May 17, 2007
... after doing Rocephin IV therapy. ... (5 replies)
PICC line people
Aug 15, 2005
... e myself sick over it and it was a breeze. I never needed anything even otc for pain. There just wasn't any. Poor Romans has been having as hard a time on the IV as she did with the orals. I'm sure you have read. ... (279 replies)
Iv Treatment
Aug 8, 2004
... My Insurance Did Not Approve A Pic Line For The 6 Months Of Iv Antibiotics My Doc Has Ordered. The Antibiotics Are Covered And My Husband Will Give Me 1 Gm Of Rocephin Im Daily For 6 Months. I Hate The Ins. Co. Im Vs. ... (0 replies)
Pic Line
May 23, 2007
... Hi Yourtroubl. PICC lines should not restrict daily activities too much. With any IV line, it is very important that the site remain clean and dry at all times. An infection in the line can be deadly. ... (2 replies)
Pic Line
May 23, 2007
... What are the restrictions once you start IV antibiotics. I mean I do so much these days. ... (2 replies)
... im on medicare and when i was on iv's last year it was either go to dr's office everyday which was a hour and a half away or she said i could do it at home myself as long as i got a dr. near my home for weekly blood tests. i went to my pc and he agreed to take blood and check pic-line. i than went to my lld monthly (19 replies)
... ing well. and I want to wish you luck with the picc line. I'll thinking of ya and opraying for you and everyone here. Besides I'v heard many sucess stories about IV meds! ... (12 replies)
... Thanks, I will look into a Lyme specific Doctor. I live in Pittsburgh, PA if anyone knows of any Lyme specific doctor in the area. I am afraid he will do an IV pic line, but that would be better than Lymes, i suppose. ... (10 replies)
... Although IV abx has been mentioned by my LLMD, I am still on orals. My hat is off to you brave folks for your courage in the face of this illness. ... (12 replies)
... Five days with a pic line and still no doxy? ... (7 replies)
Lyme MS?
Apr 26, 2016
... But I had an infectious diseases dr in the hospital and was started with an antibiotic IV . Was in the hospital 7 days . Left there with a pic line to Mage up 30 days total on the antibiotic . I came home with an eye patch a walker and in that time with the pic line I felt better everyday ! ... (11 replies)
... Hi To This Message Bare With Me....where Do You Live? In Russia? First Of All Don't Allow People To Get On You About How You Feel..from What I Have Learned Lyme Is A Cousin To Can Cause All Kinds Of Stuff..mental And Physical...your Question About Iv's...they Are Called You Do Not Stay In The Hospital With Them...what Happens... (16 replies)
... back positive, again, so she is trying to get me in to infectious disease. In 2010, he said that I had diseminated Neuro Lyme and wanted me to be on 6 weeks of IV antibiotics. I had a trip to Europe in my immediate plans, so I tried the 6 weeks of oral doxy. ... (3 replies)

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