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... If you had any bands come back positive I would think it could possibly be lyme. My first suggestion is that you have blood drawn and sent to Igenex in California. You can pull up their website and order the kit. ... (10 replies)
PICC line people
Sep 4, 2005
... cally, orthostatic intolerance. Although it is often diagnosed through a tilt table test, in her case they did the "poor man's tilt test" where she stood quietly for 10 minutes while they continuously monitored her blood pressure. ... (279 replies)
... Hi all...these past weeks I've been feeling too crummy from lyme to talk about lyme, so haven't posted for a while. I'm on week 7 of IV rocephin, and while I've seen some brief periods of improvement, on the whole it's been an uphill battle. ... (0 replies)

Neurologic lymes
Mar 6, 2008
... I could not even put my hands together or walk straight with my eyes closed . I would have definately fail any field test for DWI . ... (10 replies)
... I don't know why I felt we might have some connection...but it is unbelievable, I was a patient of Dr Corsello's...a complementary wonderwoman of Huntington Station about 9 years ago I guess... ... (11 replies)
... Hi Danny I am told by my 2 lyme specialists I have been to that it most likely takes as long as you have been infected to recover from lyme and it's co-infections I am going the aggressive route of IV therapy zithro and mepron oral and now Levaquin oral also b-12 shots every week for a little more energy along with milk thistle to help my liver function and probiotics to... (34 replies)
... Hi all....know I've been around for a while but like Jules just never got around to posting my situation up here for everyone. So here goes... ... (34 replies)
... I have too much to say, but I wanted to reach out, after "lurking" far too long, because I although I am very familiar with online support groups and have seen how incredibly supportive and kind so very many of you are...I was afraid. ... (35 replies)
... I figured I would let you know how our appointment went today. Well the Dr Cichon was real nice. He listened and asked questions and actually took time with us. ... (14 replies)
... Hi again 6Blues, Thank you for answering me. I have a few follow up questions I hope you don't mind me asking. ... (5 replies)
... I need some advice. I have been on treatment since November 13th for lyme disease which was diagnosed by some positive bands on the western Blot done by Igenex and on clinical symptoms. I have been on IV Zith and Rocephin. ... (10 replies)
... I know there was a very long line of posts that was thoroughly supportive and wonderful for those who have the particular challenges of this kind of long term IV therapy...and for those contemplating it to hear from those who have gone through their experience with weeks or months or in some cases...even longer. ... (5 replies)
... I was misdiagnosed and undiagnosed. I only saw 9 or 10 doctors before being properly diagnosed. Others here saw many more doctors in search for answers before they were finally diagnosed! ... (11 replies)
... Saturday so the homeopathic will get a true reading with his magnets when I visit him on Tuesday. I don't understand his approach but it has worked in the past for finding out what is good or bad for me and what is or isn't working. ... (35 replies)
... Yes I have lyme. I have been treating it for 10 months on both orals and IV. I am currently on IV Rocephin. ... (17 replies)
... I did rocephin IV for 9 weeks and was progressing but had to stop because of liver enzymes going crazy. I then did doxy for a few months and it did nothing. ... (23 replies)
... The first one I called would only see me if I had labwork done through Dr. Alan Steere and paid cash. My GP said this sounded hokey. He is supposed to be well known in the lyme circle but after mentioning his name on here everybody said to stay away from him. ... (10 replies)
... I wrote you such a nice long thread yesterday and it just disappeared off the screen. It wasn't the moderators and must have been my computer. ... (6 replies)
... o here I am. I think our similarities start out with the fact that I was born and grew up in the Boston area. The town was Ashland but the next town Framingham is better known. Maybe your mother has heard of it. I visit quite often but feel I got lyme while hiking in Bar Harbor, Maine in October of 2000. ... (11 replies)
... I'm on rocephin 5 days with the pic line now. Also biaxin and plaquenil. I flare constantly since the increase from 3 days. My flares are extremely intense in my muscles. ... (9 replies)

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