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... Hi Pam44 Has your son ever been tested for any of the co-infections I have babesia and have alot of trouble with migraines along with the neurological lyme and bartanella which can cause headaches I have been on IV rocephin and zithromax IV after that I also take mepron for the babesia and Cipro for the nerve issues similiar to fibromyalgia I would suggest going back... (4 replies)
... What is LLMD? (8 replies)
... hi monarog I noticed your post for neuro symptons Mine involved buzzing and pain in my ears no balance If I sneezed I almost fell over severe dizziness and head pain Confusion sometimes referred to as brain fog I got lost twice going to places I had gone to for years I was confirmed to have lyme through a biopsy of my gallbladder I had to have removed because it was no... (8 replies)

... I have been in treatment since early november 08, started on Doxy and it made me very sick, So I was switched to omnicef and had the same problems if not a little worse, had been vomiting and the runs for a while. ... (13 replies)
... Minocycline is a very interesting antibiotic. I've been on it for about 1.5 years, and my LD symptoms, after a 15 year infection, are slowing declining, and I sometimes feel almost normal now. ... (12 replies)
Iv antibiotics
Mar 14, 2008
... I felt just like you as far as worrying about the line but after being on the oral meds for months and knowing that this is not what I want, I figured I would take my chance and go for it. I am really glad that I did. ... (8 replies)
... Hi nixie63 Dr raxlen in ny is also very good . I know it is awful to not be able to work with all of this lyme stuff He is very good with new ideas to attempt to return us to our previous lives I orginally started with a doc in nh who trained under him I also have alot of the neuro symptoms Mine are mostly headches and emotitional overload now but were in the beginning very... (12 replies)
... Plaquenil is prescribed for the prevention and treatment of certain forms of malaria. ... (13 replies)
... I know how you feel. My son had the iv treatments and zithromax, and I still don't think he's right. He must've been very dizzy the other evening while sitting at the dinner table to actually have said he feels REALLY dizzy. ... (4 replies)
... Just checking. I am self employed and paid for insurance but they wouldn't let me get the meds that I needed. They said I could have zithromax once every 90 days and only for 10 days at a time. That's not going to work. ... (6 replies)
Is there hope ?
Nov 5, 2004
... i can appriciate the deppression feelings too, i am in a wheelchair for a year now and even typing is very difficult. if it were not for my faith in God i don't know where my head would be. ... (8 replies)
... I have Lyme Disease and have just finished 8 weeks of IV treatment. I actually started to feel better, and mentally I am clearer, which is very good. I hated being in fog all the time. ... (5 replies)
... pria as my infusion company... They are great.. They got me approved in no time and my insurance company told me if I need to extend treatment longer then 12 weeks it will not be a problem.. Its also great that the Dr. ... (121 replies)
... Onmyway... There are so many good restaurants to eat... you really could choose anyone you see and be happy with it.. You will love the city... its another world.. I live about 40 mins from NYC.. Iam very happy with Dr. R... I think he is my angel.. ... (42 replies)
Seen the Doc
Jun 13, 2007
... Hello, Just wanted to let everyone know that I went in for the appt with Dr. Singleton. He was very nice and spent a lot of time talking to me and explaining things even though it was hard to take it all in. ... (2 replies)
Sc Llmd
Jan 29, 2008
... I forgot to mention that I had already had a previous neurologist run the Igenex test and I went to him with the results. I was not cdc positive nor was I Igenex positive. ... (12 replies)
Jul 7, 2005
... s to him. All that has had me pretty depressed. If I was not sick I would have left her but in my case I have no where to go. I told her I was going to leave her and she did not want me to go stating that they were flirting and he got out of control and she told him she was not interested. I dont know if I believe that. ... (5 replies)
... Angela, I am allergic to penicillin also. I got a rash the first time and had a much more severe reaction the second time. Now I wear a bracelet because if I have it again I will die. ... (17 replies)
... weeks, and can only be 'killed off' with oral antibiotics when its splitting and reproducing. Thus why doctors put peeps on 6 weeks antibiotics so that its in your system long enough to kill a reproduction cycle. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks CJ and BDFM for the comforting words....just glad that ride is in the past and maybe by the next time I have to go I'll be a lot better and will be able to tolerate it better. And Maureen I'm only 28 and I was worried about stops as well!! You're not alone! ... (10 replies)

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