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... ust read another post from a gentleman that is seeing an LLMD in Mass. that is not very happy with his LLMD, I wonder if it is the same doc. I have read that the Ketek causes severe liver damage, have you have problems with it? ... (82 replies)
... Thanks for the info. There was someone on another board who goes to Dr. D and was on abx for 26 months. This person sounded really bad and now has their life back. Some others were talking about what a great success rate he has so naturally I was wondering what he does. ... (10 replies)
... The thing is that her doctor is suppose to be a top notch one. I don't know his name but he is in Mass. and it isn't Dr. Donta. She has been sick for over 3 years. ... (82 replies)

... Hi R. As soon as I saw your symptoms of night sweats and heart palpitations, I thought of Babesiosis. These are two of its hallmark symptoms. ... (4 replies)
... I have started my treatment for Lyme disease almost 3 months ago. The first month, I was primarily on oral Ketek, and I herxed really badly 2 weeks into the treatment. ... (13 replies)
Apr 7, 2006
... The babesia protocol can be a little complicated. You can use quinine or mepron. Mepron is the newer and easier for the body to handle. ... (12 replies)
... ly reason I had that rash checked out is because the nurse at work told me to go to the doctor because it looked like it was from a tick. Nope he said ring worm and he was the doctor. I got a copy of my medical records last year and my chart says possible ring worm. All my problems started shortly after that rash... ... (34 replies)
May 6, 2006
... Welcome to the lyme board... ... (16 replies)
... Yeah, bad day for me. I spent most of the afternoon in bed. My throat is so sore and I just feel bad..My herx doesn't seem to have a pattern at all. I had a sore throat for 4 straight months after starting the ketek. ... (82 replies)
... I am sorry you are having a hard time. Hang in there as this may be another Herx. I googled Ketek and bartonella since both myself and my LLMD suspect that I have bartonella. He told me it would work on bartonella. ... (13 replies)
... I took 5HTP a few months ago and it helped. Although, I probably need a smaller dose because I found it made me "out of it" a little, it supposed to be good for a whole bunch of things. ... (82 replies)
Ketek side effects
Oct 25, 2005
... am not on any meds at this time. After 1 year on all these meds, not feeling 1 bit better, taking probiotics from day 1, my esophagus can no longer handle pills and capsules. I contacted my lyme practitioner and she said to stop everything for 2 weeks, which is up this week. ... (13 replies)
Die off.
Apr 22, 2006
... I tested positive for lyme from igenex lab and I am currently taking ketek and minocycline for treatment. ... (5 replies)
... I am so afraid to take it. I'am going to stick to this pregnenolone, Biotin, WobenzymN, trial for a little while and see if it helps. I honestly don't know how I am making it through the day, not very well I would say. ... (82 replies)
... I am sorry your son has Lyme disease, but it is good he has been diagnosed. ... (8 replies)
... Hey Mickie, I don't know about you but with all the junk on tv nowadays the history channel is one of my best friends. :D betterdaysforme (10 replies)
... I may be the Ketek guinnea pig for Lyme treatment. I'll keep folks posted as to how it works on my critters. ... (10 replies)
... What do your lyme headaches feel like? ... (4 replies)
... nt to post the results, we can help you interpret them. The CDC requires a large number of bands to show for it be considered positive, yet many people who have Lyme do not have that many bands. ... (21 replies)
... can't remember what it was associated with. I will rack my foggy brain and get back to you on that one. ... (35 replies)

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