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... I have been suffering joint pain on my left side since Feb. 1999! My Left Knee, ankle and wrist get so big and painfull that I have lost numerious days of work and sleep. ... (15 replies)
... Thank you for the feedback. My doctor is an Infection Disease specialist, but I do not know what tests he did. He only told me I tested positive for Lyme and put me on Doxycycline for a few weeks. I will ask to be tested for the secondary infections, and look for an LLMD if I am not satisfied. ... (7 replies)
Ankle pain?
Sep 13, 2012
... Hi I have lyme disease,was tested in Feb,2012 from IGENX blood test,started meds in march.I was sick for 2 years before I got the right DR. ... (1 replies)

... first post. Diagnosed with lyme in 2009, thought i licked it with 3 mos cs. For the last 9 mos am having intermittant, alternate and severe knee pain with tremendous swelling all above the knee. ... (4 replies)
Doc thinks lyme
Jun 24, 2010
... another fever, then my left knee and hip. Every time I think it's getting better it just moves! So does this sound right to you guys? ... (3 replies)
Feb 20, 2009
... ove playing high level soccer starting at the age 5! Usually my brain goes hand in hand with allergies and as mine sinus go. I have about 7 of the 33 symptoms of lyme but they kind ae just in one area. To be honest I really only have anxiety in the mourn, and neck probelms , sinus and allergies. ... (6 replies)
... I have carpel tunnel and often have a swollen painful knee. And a lot of pain elsewhere especially in the neck. ... (1 replies)
... Strange pain on the left side of my head between ear and eye almost like a can feel fluid or blood running. ... (1 replies)
... Because I live in Japan, i cannot find a doctor that specializes in Lyme Disease... ... (4 replies)
... today and said that the new state law will not run the western blot test if the initial test comes back negative. She even said, "So she definitely doesn't have lyme disease." However, everything I read is starting to make me think differently, you know? ... (13 replies)
... Hi Chantel. I noticed your question in another post, so I'll answer here. I began to notice symptoms (rash and knee pain) probably 4 years ago but dismissed them. STUPID move on my part. I didn't have health insurance at the time and a trip to the doctor about a rash seemed like a waste of money for a single mom with a house and two kids in private school. ... (4 replies)
... I had unexplained knee pain, a rash and a few other symptoms. I saw an infectious disease doctor who laughed at loud when I mentioned Lyme. ... (34 replies)
Any Advise!
Mar 3, 2006
... I am new to this site, was referred actually, and am hoping someone can shed some light on my Lyme ordeal. I guess I will start at the beginning. ... (12 replies)
... The pain would usually go away within a day. ... (7 replies)
... worth of bloodwork that produced no diagnosis. And all of my lyme tests were always negative. This is such a mystery. I just want to feel normal again. ... (10 replies)
Dec 22, 2003
... re doxycycline, 100mg. 2X day for three weeks and before I started I had another Western Blot. Results are not back yet. In the meantime, I am waiting to see a lyme doctor in Hartford, a rheumatologist at the end of January. My calendar in January is full of doctors visits, because my old tachycardia started to return also. ... (1 replies)
... red positive for Lyme. I think you do have it. Especially if you were diagnosed in the past and never took the medicine. Our bodies cannot fight this on our own. Lyme ends up living in the connective tissue and other places. It's probably in your foot tissue. Do you have joint or knee pain? ... (1 replies)
Undxed Lyme? Help!
Jun 16, 2008
... the sensation stayed. This feeling lasts for a few days even though the eye pain only last 12 or so hours with the migraine. ... (6 replies)
... sleep apnea, but very slight. High blood pressure thats under control and eye tests done that resulted in glasses. I've had blood tests for everything including Lyme with it coming back clean. Xrays of my neck show degenerative disc along with arthritis and a bone spur. ... (2 replies)
... Over the weekend, I started with knee pain, right chest and arm pain at night, and hand, neck and low back pain. ... (0 replies)

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