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... Remember that most folk who have Lyme don't meet the CDC's criteria of what, 5 positive bands on the Western Blot? ... (8 replies)
... doctor to get my daughter a western blot test through Igenex. The only problem is that they don't draw blood at the office and said I had to do it at a lab. ... (9 replies)
... I had 38 out of the 40 Lyme symptoms on my LLMD's checklist, so my initial diagnosis was circumstantial. I began treatment before getting proof. ... (4 replies)

... I have been having many symptoms of Lyme Disease and I just went today for my first test, the Western Blot? ... (3 replies)
... My daughters Western blot test was + but her Lyme PCR DNA was - can anyone tell my why? Thanks (1 replies)
... Can you tell me if having bands 66kd, 45kd, 41kd and 30kd on the western blot IgG test mean anything at all for a diagnosis of Lyme disease? ... (1 replies)
... CFS and FM for many years. I finally convinced my new CFS dr to go a lyme western blot test from igenex after years of suffering and 3 negative elisa tests. Well, it came out positive but only the IGM was positive. ... (6 replies)
... consistent with lyme. A nurse friend asked if I had been tested for lyme and I started to research lyme. The minute I saw the symptoms and read peoples stories I new in my gut that this was what I had. ... (16 replies)
... (11 replies)
... I was recently treated for Lyme for 12 days. Several idiotic infectious doctors say that's plenty and they were the ones that took me off Dox prematurely. ... (11 replies)
Lyme or Meniere's?
Mar 30, 2009
... infection. You may want to get retested with the Lyme Western Blot too. You can never be too confortable with a single testing let alone to see a regular doctor who has no experience treating Lyme patients by the numbers. ... (16 replies)
Lyme and thyroid
Jul 22, 2005
... Hi ticker and Kali, :wave: (I just love that wavy guy) Thank you, I have printed out your posts. It prompted me to remember (!) to call my GP about thyroid tests she had ordered awhile ago. I know when she followed up with me, she said they were normal. And they indeed are normal. At least these are: TSH w/ free T4 2.13 (range .4 - 5.5) T3 121 (range 60-181). ... (9 replies)
... Hello everybody :wave: I got my Lyme Western Blot results, I still didn't really discuss them with my doctor but he wants me to start Biaxin right away and then when I go there for my appointment may be change it to Doxy Can somebody tell if I am possitive for sure Here is my IgG results: 18 kDa - 22 kDa 23-25 kDa - (15 replies)
... s we try and go back and see who had what symptoms and when but too hard plus my brain does not work like that at the moment. He was tested through the standard lyme western blot and it came back negative. Dr. ... (27 replies)
Got results today
Apr 10, 2005
... strong antibody response and looked at the resulting blot patterns. ... (16 replies)
IgeneX tests
Mar 25, 2006
... specific bands is needed to confirm that there is serological evidence of exposure to the Borrelia burgdorferi spirochete and can confirm a clinical diagnosis of Lyme disease. ... (15 replies)
... meticulous western blot procedures means higher paid lab staff, stricter lab staff and procedural oversight and management, etc. ... (6 replies)
... if you learn anything regarding lyme disease, when you stop trying is when you fail, it's those who keep at it who fight for treatment and to find the right doctor. ... (7 replies)
... i had lots of tests done, one being a Western Blot which came back boderline positive, mainly the IgG.. ... (4 replies)
... or prednisone can inhibit antibody production as well. Also, the spirochete can HIDE and we can have Lyme but our bodies not produce antibodies because our bodies don't know it's there. ... (6 replies)

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