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... mediated illness" theory which states that Lyme disease symptoms are not only bacterial in origin but neurotoxins play a major role as well. ... (2 replies)
... This occurs when the causative organism is killed off. It releases neurotoxins and causes a symptom flare up. It can also produce new symptoms as the antibiotics start killing off Lyme in areas where it had previously been dormant. ... (16 replies)
Neuro symptoms
Dec 6, 2005
... The symptoms you describe sound all too familiar. I'm really looking forward to the day when they're no more than a distant memory. ... (11 replies)

... results. It took about 7 or 8 months before I noticed a significant difference. At times during treatment it is normal to feel worse as the spirochetes produce neurotoxins as they die off. The important thing is that you MUST continue. ... (7 replies)
... to have a high enough dose of the antibiotic to cross the blood brain barrier, regardless of which antibiotic you are using. And secondly, you need to clear out neurotoxins by detoxifying. ... (6 replies)
To Betterdaysforme
Jul 21, 2005
... The primary cause of herxing is neurotoxins in the form of ammonia in the brain, liver, and heart. ... (4 replies)
... I hesitate to suggest prescription meds since I'm not a doctor, but the treatment that has helped me MOST with neuro symptoms is cholestyramine. It is approved for reducing cholesterol, although apparently it is not terribly effective for that use. ... (19 replies)
... In my case, I tested positive for Borelia bergdorferi but have no symptoms at all. ... (4 replies)
... which can aggravate your symptoms even after killing the bacteria. It's not enough to just dislodge the neurotoxins through procedures like detoxification. The ammonia needs to be bound up for elimination from the body. ... (15 replies)
... because Lyme bacteria releases neurotoxins when killed. ... (1 replies)
... y it should be good for Lymies because we got plenty of neurotoxins. It works differently from cholestrymine because that binds things, whereas Wobenzyme digests neurotoxins through enzymatic action. In other words it breaks it down to where the body can get rid of it. ... (22 replies)
More on Detoxing
Jan 13, 2006
... According to research, these toxins are the cause of most of the symptoms of Lyme disease. ... (26 replies)
... Hello Jude. I have a question for you about your visit with Dr. Shoemaker. If you don't mind, I sent you a PM. Thanks. (33 replies)
... Lyme Disease is a type of chronic neurotoxin disease and should be treated as such. Neurotoxins attack the nerves but if they can begin to be eliminated, the symptoms will subside and I have been told by my doctor that unlike other parts of the body, nerves can repair themselves over time. ... (33 replies)
Q-Ribb Test
Jan 13, 2006
... Dr. J states in his book, "Beating Lymes..." that the difference between a healthy person and a person experiencing symptoms of infectious disease is the increased number of microbes in the sick person. ... (16 replies)
... as other applications as well. In the case of Lyme Disease, for example, I've read some research by Dr. Richard Shoemaker that suggests there may be Borrelia B. neurotoxins being released into CNS explaining more chronic and debilitating symptoms. The usual treatment would then be Cholestyramine. ... (11 replies)
... The concept does make sense to me. I have done a lot of reading about neurotoxins in relation to migraine and I found that when I followed a diet that did not consist of foods that could breakdown and create neurotoxins I did a lot better. ... (12 replies)
... All Lyme sufferers are welcome here. Its questions that help keep the board going anyway. The whole reason I went to see an LLMD is because I had the exact same symptoms as my friend who had gotten diagnosed with Lyme. ... (2 replies)
Nov 10, 2006
... xheimer reaction. This is something that occurs when Lyme organsims are killed and release neurotoxins. This can produce a temporary worsening of existing Lyme symptoms and can temporarily bring on new Lyme symptoms as the antibiotics start killing off the bacteria wherever they had previously been "hiding" dormant in the body. ... (12 replies)
... What you are describing sounds like a herx, the symptoms starting to flare up again even if they'd been subsiding or dormant. ... (4 replies)

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