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... Hello everyone...happy Black Friday. I am researching today my neurotransmitter results and am at a loss. My LLND ordered the test through Neuroscience Inc. and gave me the results over the phone just before Thanksgiving. ... (4 replies)
... I found out my neurotransmitter levels are way off. ... (6 replies)
... hey maureen... happy monday! in all my scannings today of the two T amino acids, it seems weird dream were one of the less common side effects of one of them... if you were to take amino acids for a neurotransmitter protocol, you'd need to be able to measure your intake - i'd think... i'm hoping that crist would have something up his sleeve as far as a focus for your... (19 replies)

... tbared: My LLMD had my urine tested for neurotransmitter levels at a lab called Neuroscience, because of my complaints of neuro symptoms: basically I feel "drunk" all the time (24/7), with memory, speech and balance problems. My LLMD provided me with the test kit and I mailed it to the lab from home. sleeperwoken: Interesting that you mention the diet soft drinks! Until... (6 replies)
... Well, I have never had trouble sleeping really. I have the opposite problem--most of the time I have to drag my butt out of bed. I have also heard bad things about aspartame. I don't drink that stuff usually, but thought it was interesting that the phenalalynine got me out of my brain fog so quickly. I was really dopey for days and then I took a drink of that stuff and... (6 replies)
... Hello friends! I had my monthly visit with Dr. E today. - I have been on Omnicef + Ketek for a month; I had 2 herx's. - I am to continue with the same abx & doses for another month - I was given 5 HTP to take for my very low Serotonin levels - Other neurotransmitter levels were high but doc not too concerned - Blood was taken to test liver enzymes So I'll just plod... (0 replies)
... thanks for that great response sleeper. it makes a ton of sense to me. i know my brain stuff has been screwy for a long time and both my llmds have been tretaing it. now especially with my new one here in wi. i am still taking my thyroid, hormomones, iodine, and now lots of other important things he suggested for my brain. i can't tell if they are working yet, but i am... (38 replies)
... g that the lyme is depleting, but you have to figure out what it is. I think I posted about testing levels before, but some of the things you can start with are neurotransmitter levels, adrenals, thyroid, iodine levels, heavy metals and there are lots more I will try to remember them all or you can look up my older posts. ... (38 replies)
... so now i've been off reading about choline and memory and lethicin and.. i can't remember!! ... (19 replies)
... SW... this is a God thing... you may have just saved me a bunch of money! When I got the 4 rx's from doc, I went to canada provider's website and zithromax was one that I would not order from them due to price... apparently they lost their US supplier and the only supplier available was from New Zealand and would be more than local pharmacy. Well, I forgot all that and... (19 replies)
... Maureen, I'm feeling better but can't tell that I've herxed on ceftin... the summer was so bad and I'd bottomed out on doxy after being on it for so long that I think its hard to tell whether the ceftin is helping or I'm just feeling so much better coming off the heart/thyroid symptoms... I did go ahead and order the zithromax and flagyl from canada yesterday and think... (19 replies)
... maureen, the lumbrokinase is cheapest thru crist. i can get some of the neurotransmitter stuff for much less thru other sites. also really wondering if i shouldn't have just gone with the heparin... ... (164 replies)
... for all the bands recognized by the CDC, plus more even! I couldn't believe it. They also discovered I have many neurotransmitter deficiencies, nutritional deficits, and a body full of toxins that I can't get rid of. So I started on my Doxy hoping to be better soon. ... (2 replies)
Sep 27, 2005
... once i get up to a baseline of feeling pretty good, then he does neurotransmitter testing. all this can help with mood, brain functioning, and pain. ... (32 replies)
... I just got off phone with Crist's office. Asked for Rachel, the business mgr. as she has been so great in the past... ... (29 replies)
... The neurotransmitter tests are urine and salvia. Samples have to be 'collected' at different times of the day. ... (43 replies)
... it never happened... these two 'realities'... never happened, and must protect didn't get along too well and I had a rough go for a while. Walla... much better off today, but in the process, bipolar surfaced... ... (43 replies)
... Cj, what is this neurotransmitter thing? ... (164 replies)
... I gained a ton of weight for no reason, my hair was falling out, my neurotransmitter levels were way off, I lost my balance, etc. I also do not recall any tick bites. ... (15 replies)
... has died off in your body. ... (15 replies)

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