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... I'm well into starting the neurotransmitter protocol from dr. crist... ... (19 replies)
... maureen... i would think so... tell them you may begin a neurotransmitter protocol and need to know what a/a and amounts are in product... see how they respond. my guess is that they are low amounts if they aren't listing them... so you leave on sunday for a tuesday appt, correct? are jennifer and rhonda sisters? will pray for healthy delivery and all to be... (19 replies)
... hey maureen... happy monday! in all my scannings today of the two T amino acids, it seems weird dream were one of the less common side effects of one of them... if you were to take amino acids for a neurotransmitter protocol, you'd need to be able to measure your intake - i'd think... i'm hoping that crist would have something up his sleeve as far as a focus for your... (19 replies)

... you begin on the amino acids and msm until you find a 'feel good' level and then test... make sure and seperate the old protocol and new protocol literature.... you can tell that he is contantly networking, learning, etc. and is in transition on this protocol. ... (19 replies)
... CJ, Hi! Just wanted to let you know that I take the PhosChol (phosphatidylcholine) I take 1 in the morning and 1 at night. It's 900 mg. made by E-lyte. I wonder if it's the same one. Anyway I just started on it a few weeks ago. I'm also taking some amino acids. It contains the L-Tyrosine and L-Lysine HCL but not the L-Thryptophan. I'm going to ask my naturapath about... (19 replies)
... I am very interested in this and will ask my doctor about it. What exactly is this protocol intended to address? ... (19 replies)
... Glutamine is an amino acid.. from Dr. Crist's literature as part of a neurotransmitter protocol, similar to a depression protocol but seeking to address not only mood but pain, fatigue, sleep by doses and adding other amino acids later in protocol as needed. ... (11 replies)
... maureen, the lumbrokinase is cheapest thru crist. i can get some of the neurotransmitter stuff for much less thru other sites. also really wondering if i shouldn't have just gone with the heparin... ... (164 replies)
... letter might come and when it didn't I called office. THIS may be my charge... I also needed to ask about amino acids I had PURCHASED at the office and begun the neurotransmitter protocol with... ... (32 replies)
... and i just started a neurotransmitter protocol, now i guess about a month ago... combining tyrosine and tryptophan... doc originally used 5htp in his patients but results were 'too good'... ... (13 replies)
... order... i've also been out of fish oil, lumbrokinase, and now, my msm for neurotransmitter protocol... i buy the good stuff so i try to always purchase online to TRY and manage costs... ... (164 replies)
... well, i had nurse phone consult for neurotransmitter protocol yesterday... ... (32 replies)
... and those that regard follow up to already paid for services... or clarification about something that is not clearly covered in visit or in literature, like the neurotransmitter protocol. It only states STEP ONE, STEP TWO, but nowhere states how long to stay on each level... ... (32 replies)
... So... it will be my next attempt at wellness. Well into neurotransmitter protocol. NEXT! ... (13 replies)
... Dear cj, Thanks for all the research. The CS I took was ASAP and helped a lot more than anything else. The HGH problem seems to have the same symptoms as lyme which I find real interesting. The chiro was giving it to somebody who had lupus or ALS I think and the woman's doctor insisted she stay on it and is working with the chiro. I will have to ask Dr. Crist about... (19 replies)
... Morning Maureen, As I'm flipping thru the booklet from Crist, I see under 'Dietary Considerations', digestive enzymes such as Wobenzym... read so much on this board about it that it caught my eye... whether or not he goes in to more in another place in literature, I don't know... wow... while trying to find info in literature on growth factor... i'm running across other... (19 replies)
... Dea cj, I don't know if you remember or not but what seems like a million years ago a chiro that I was going to tried to talk me into using human growth hormones. She was so adamant that these would help that she offered to give them to me for free as long as I kept my appointments with her which were only $35. The hormones were $131 so believe me she wasn't going to make... (19 replies)
... SW... this is a God thing... you may have just saved me a bunch of money! When I got the 4 rx's from doc, I went to canada provider's website and zithromax was one that I would not order from them due to price... apparently they lost their US supplier and the only supplier available was from New Zealand and would be more than local pharmacy. Well, I forgot all that and... (19 replies)
... Morning Amber, Though I know squat about amino acids, I do believe the PhosChol is the same ... from literature I'm reading: PhosChol is 100% phosphatidylcholine and has 900mg per capsule. This may help brain and liver functions, improve cholesterol levels and protect mucosa... and then he goes on to comment about him personally needing to take it in the mornings due to... (19 replies)
... cj-how much did you pay for zithromax when you bought it out of Canada? I get zithro at costco, 60 pills at 250 mg each costs me approximatly $450. Please tell me your cost, I am worried about going into winter, you know we don't make any money at all in the winter, literally, and now that I have seen the home heating costs estimated to increase by 50% for this coming... (19 replies)

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