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... Hi PA2LA. I am very glad your hubby is supportive, it is a big help. I think it is impossible for others to understand the depths of agony these diseases cause. It is hard enough for those experiencing it to understand. You are a very strong person because even in this devastating experience you are finding positive things. You are so right that there are many people... (9 replies)
... PA2LA - Sorry you are hurting so much...yes I have started to have stiffness and pain in my ankle and my hands off and on have started hurting. I am hoping this is just part of the herxing I have been experiencing. My bones crack and pop like crazy now. My hips pop all the time. My right shoulder has recently started to get into the act. The other day it felt like... (9 replies)
... Hi PA2LA. I am sorry things are so rough right now. Where are you in the treatment process? Have you spoken with your doctor? Being in pain defintely affects the personality and changes who you are. It is exhausting dealing with constant pain. (9 replies)

Help Need Doctor
Aug 22, 2004
... PA2LA, Hope u are okay, haven't heard from you for awhile. How r your symptoms? My removed ]. Write if u can. Did you talk to your sister? I called UPMC and I have to get a copy of my records and send them to them and they may refer me to a Dr. HAVE A GOOD DAY (14 replies)
Help Need Doctor
Aug 14, 2004
... PA2LA, I have been on Iv's through both pic and ports. Although the side effects are lousy the relief is great!!!! I am a 47 year old women who has had lymes for 14 years. I have many problems from the disease but I still manage to work every day. I know what insurance issues are about. BEEN THERE DONE THAT!!! I am lookin for a Dr. now due to a severe flare-up!!! Well... (14 replies)
Help Need Doctor
Aug 12, 2004
... PA2LA, Thanksfor writing back. The last I heard Dr. Mandac was up around Cleveland. He was a wonderful Dr. and very helpful to me. How long have you had lymes and have u been on IV therapy? Well hope your migraine is better. THANKS, ... (14 replies)
... PA2LA you deserve to feel better. A Lyme doctor will take your symptoms seriously. (15 replies)
Help Need Doctor
Aug 6, 2004
... Thanks for not forgetting.I'll be waiting. (14 replies)
... PA2LA, I highly recommend that you see the Lyme doctor and get retested for the co-infections, especially the Babesiosis. You have too many symptoms to go untreated. (15 replies)
Help Need Doctor
Aug 4, 2004
... PA2LA, Thanks and I will look forward to hearing from you about a doctor in Pittsburgh. Only live about 60 miles from there!!! Thanks again and have a nice evening (14 replies)
... PA2LA, I suggest going back to the doctor and letting him know all the symptoms you are having. How long ago were you tested for the Babesiosis? You may want to get retested for it. Are you being treated at all now? (15 replies)
... Hi PA2LA. Many, many, of your symptoms sound like the co-infection Babesiosis. Night sweats and heart palpitations are major Babesiosis symptoms. Headaches, muscle pain and heat intolerance are also. You really need to see a knowledgeable doctor. Were you able to contact the Lyme doctor in LA? (15 replies)
ACO #3 & Ticker!
Sep 10, 2003
... PA2LA: I read your postings from May and hope your quest for answers is on the right track. I know how you feel I was diagnosed with Lymes 6 years ago and have had nagging complications ever since that I believe are related to Lymes. Like you my doctors treated me like a hypochondriac but I think I'm getting closer to solving this puzzle now that I've learned about the... (3 replies)
Lyme and anxiety
Aug 20, 2003
... lyme or with a psychotherapist like PA2LA suggested. ... (5 replies)
ACO #3 & Ticker!
Jul 21, 2003
... PA2LA this is good news! Thank you for letting us know. I am glad you like the doctor. He is wise for exploring every possibility. Believe me, co-infections are definitely not rare! Many doctors share the same perspective as your primary and I cannot understand it. It is dangerous. Lyme Disease is caused by a bacteria like thousands of other diseases, but there seems to... (3 replies)
... Hi Mama, Sorry to hear of your condition. I have had many of the symptoms you speak of in my journey, eye problems, ice pick headaches, memory problems, buzzzing, hearing loss, muscle twitches and that drunk feeling(vertigo). Basically I have had all the symptoms you have listed at one point and time. You said your Fibro doctor had just tested you for Lyme disease, what... (3 replies)
... Pa2LA night sweats are a major symptom of the co-infection Babesiosis. It is similar to malaria. Make sure you are tested for this and the other co-infections. Many people with Lyme have co-infections, and it will affect treatment choice and progress. (2 replies)
... Is this the correct Dr. Jeff Harris in Malibu? "23712 Malibu Road" (8 replies)
... PA2LA, I believe this doctor is in Los Angeles and San Diego. If you cannot find him listed in Los Angeles, try San Diego. Good luck! (8 replies)
... PA2LA I too live in So Calif. Although I am in the Riverside area I drive all the way to Malibu to see Dr Jeff Harris. He has other Lyme patients and has written papers on the subject. When I was looking for a Lyme Dr his name kept comming up. I have been with him for about 2 years. Although I have not been cured, I feel I can trust him. He first started with long term oral... (8 replies)

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