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... day, my back heart so bad that I had trouble tying my shoes or putting pants on in the morning. I never had back pain before. ... (10 replies)
... Hey cj... Very good questions about whether it is an allergtic reaction to the med.s vs. a herx. I had the EXACT same question for my doctor and still do not know the answer.... ... (22 replies)
... did have Lyme disease, I was tested positive for it back when I was 21, which was about 15 years ago. I was treated with the normal regiment of antibiotics over a month, and then again supplementaly a couple other times with the typical monthly antibiotic regiment. ... (4 replies)

Mar 20, 2007
... Thanks for asking. I have felt horrible this past week. Stomach and all from all the abx's. I sure do not stray far from the bathroom! Have horrible pain in the right side of my back, so much so that sleep is hard to come by. I was exhusted all last week, but seems to be better this week. ... (5 replies)
Nerve Pain?????
Jan 31, 2007
... Thanks for the reply. I actually told him one week after being on it that I wanted to be put on something else. He switched me to Mepron and clindamycin. ... (9 replies)
... Well... yesterday, I came to the conclusion that my son and I had Lyme Disease... ... (14 replies)
Need help please
Oct 28, 2010
... Sorry for the delay in responding. I am not sure about the test other than it was the Western Blot Test. I just finished 30 days of IV Antibiotics and had the PICC line removed today. My doctor now has me on 2 weeks of oral antibiotics. ... (4 replies)
Apr 22, 2007
... I was just coming on to pull up this thread and ask how everyone was. Hadn't heard lately. Seems like our lyme bacteria are on the same wavelink. ... (122 replies)
... I just tried to look up Dr. John Pinto and can't find him. I know you can't list phone numbers or addresses and was wondering if maybe he is listed under the place where he works and not his name. I directed musclenjoints to try and find him but maybe you can tell her what to look for. ... (13 replies)
... I was originally treated for Lyme Disease 10 years ago, however, I know now that I was treated incorrectly. By the time I saw the doctor I was in stage 2 and the oral antibiotics I was given were not enough. ... (13 replies)
... went to the ER on Monday. Felt horrible Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Better Thursday and much better today. ... (6 replies)
... and I cooked another Christmas dinner since he missed it while he was in Baghdad. ... (16 replies)
Could it be lyme?
Mar 13, 2005
... I have been sick for almost 2 years now and I have seen many doctors all of whom have not found out what is wrong with me yet, this has been extremely frustrating for me and I am suffering a great deal. ... (12 replies)
... Years of pain with a"half hearted" dx of Fibro, I now suspect it could be Lyme. I live in E. TN and the docs around here seem dismissive of this as a diagnosis. ... (11 replies)
... left side of face went numb, no stroke. ... (11 replies)
... This is my first post on the forums. My last few weeks have been treacherous. Please allow me to share my lengthy story. ... (7 replies)
... I'll start with a little bit of history. I'm a 25yo female. I've always been healthy, other than some acid reflux. ... (1 replies)
Undxed Lyme? Help!
Jun 16, 2008
... episodes begin. Starts with eye pain, left or right. Hurts to move my eye or blink. Keeping them closed is the only option, if possible. ... (6 replies)
... (7 replies)
... here to start. I have been a competitive athetle all my life until all this happened. I am not sure if it started with a shoulder injury, or TMJ but it was about the same time. I was doing physio for my shoulder because i played baseball. ... (5 replies)

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