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... i had a phyciatrist meeting today. ... (4 replies)
... thanks every one some great information, some im concidering taking to my phyciatrist. i had my windows open to day with stereo on, just driving and driving didnt want to go home, when i did go home i realised the cats white bits looked like they had been washed on a boil for an hour, and then thought hmm manic :D But thank heavens for that its once a month if im lucky... (12 replies)
... i have been allergic to all srri's and whne i told my phyciatrist i had teh same reaction form a cough sweet she said it was because i imagined it and no ingriedient was the same. ... (16 replies)

... Hi JC sorry posting so late. been off for the same reasons. get mine 11pm till 6.30am. exhaustion city.. breathlessness, with anxiety, now finding cold sweats and hot flushes with it, but no big chnage on the temperature gauge. Dyastolic down to about 65 and i think dyastolic might be the one, but things seem to change when they fancy. rang phyciatrist today, as... (14 replies)
Depakote update
Jan 9, 2006
... I need a phyciatrist that has treated Lyme, i dont mind going private does anyone know any? ... (2 replies)
... My phyciatrist is in shock and i think again its ignoranc to assume there cant be a human with adverse systems to tabs. ... (9 replies)
... Hi Cj had gp appontment today who actually sat and listened. I am having lithium Side effects, these are extremely uncomfortable and if left lethal. not only was teh neoroglogist ignorant to this, but my phyciatrist who i sat in front of on the 10th and explained my heart has stopped, im haveing siezures, im blacking out, i have vertigo and now broken my foot whilst... (21 replies)
... purple girl this is the routine road you are going down, tehy will now try to say thta you are stressed depressed, and if anything pass you on to a phyciatrist. The main vision you have to see now is that you have to treat you. These people will do nothing. Once teh speacialist says no, thats it. A neurologist wrote me off as depressed, once you have been to teh top,... (11 replies)
Help needed please
Jun 11, 2006
... i have a phyciatrist who has left her position , and a new one took over a few weeks ago, if she doesnt belive in lyme i have no chance of help. ... (16 replies)
... he signed me off as manic depressed and told me to go see my phyciatrist next time. ... (13 replies)
IM Scared
Apr 2, 2006
... hi jules!!! very strange that your phyciatrist wont prescribe you anything for anxiety..but is st john works for you thats a good one... ... (16 replies)
IM Scared
Apr 2, 2006
... Doc can perscribe tabs, but im why phyciatrist and she wont. ... (16 replies)
IM Scared
Apr 2, 2006
... HI Brid phyciatrist wont give me anything, shes so hung up on depakote and lithium... i have come to teh point im to tierd to bother to see anyone and just sit here now and see which way it wants to take me. im fed up with it, board with it, annoyed at it, angry with it, and i never seem to know which way is up now.. but i am better with the symptoms a tad to day.... (16 replies)
... Hi Kyle Welcome Welcome Welcome. You will find alot of help and support here, many questions I have asked I have found the answers here, you cant do much better than a fellow sufferer to guide you through it. Sorry to here of the impact on your life , its terrible what we lose along the way thats why we are all so essential for each other. if you havent done this... (7 replies)
... nail on the head there honey " true BP" i would sit in docs office and think to my self, " you arnt listening to me when i tell you its the same but slightly different :confused: " when friends with BP where getting relief from meds and going back into society i relaised i was stagnent, nothing was working. SO so sorry about your friend, alot of troubles are caused by... (24 replies)
Lyme Rage
Mar 6, 2006
... So now phyciatrist says its anxiety, but its anxiety brought about by lyme rage. ... (19 replies)
... anyone tried st johns wort, i had one and went all floppy and slept for 9 hours ( lovely!!) but to day had very nice high. No bretahless no air hunger very strange. I have heard these can have immediate reaction but also can give tsrange effects if not for the right person, or mixed with other brain meds. see you all soon off to look up frangos phyciatrist. Cheers... (14 replies)
Strep throat
Feb 18, 2006
... im hoping with this research when i take it to phyciatrist and then gp. ... (3 replies)
... I rekon we got our own pirate ship going on here hey me hearties :D Dj i think may be i should think about that oral detox, im so worried to take anything at the mo. i ate soem toast earlier and teh muscles under ribs central cramped but that was it. also concidered i did alot of raw meat chopping the day before i got ill, it does seem a long running thing. im... (31 replies)
... To put this to the phyciatrist i have to have a pin it down. i think it will hold good wieght if i can. ... (7 replies)

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