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... I had both a Mid Line and a PICC. My body could not handle either one of them to tell you the truth. The first Mid line got infected after 2 wks and had to pulled out. ... (4 replies)
... I have Chronic Neuro Lymes. I Have a PICC line which was inserted last Fridau the 7th. ... (4 replies)
PICC line for son
Mar 23, 2005
... shower without getting the site wet. It is called a PICC line protector and you can get it at Brown Medical. I believe they have different sizes. It is a big help. ... (9 replies)

PICC line people
Dec 14, 2005
... I figure I was infected as a teen and I just turned 50 so I figure I'll be at this for a long long time. But maybe the doc will give me some encouraging news! ... (279 replies)
... hi gang...haven't posted much on the board lately cpet my one post in PICC people and cj had an idea that i should share with all yall what's going on in my life these days. ... (8 replies)
... Hi Kyle The Picc Line is not so bad Keep in mind though it takes quite a long time to see improvement I have bee on 2 gram Rocephin since mid december I was not so well off since I did have the neurological part of the lyme Probably infected over 2 years with babesis as well I had cognitive problems thrush ear pain noise intolerance headaches and much more I stared on oral... (18 replies)
... Midline catheter has more chances of complications if it gets infected. and it requires a certain level of expertise to put it. As compared to PICC. (4 replies)
PICC line people
Oct 10, 2005
... Just be careful to keep it dry and clean. I had two and they both became infected within 2 weeks of being put in. this was last year and i wasn't on abx at the time because we didn't know i had lymes. ... (279 replies)
... that will treat your daughter, be very careful to not talk to much about it to any "regular" doctors. My regular dr found out I was being treated for Lyme via a PICC line and he drilled me on who was my dr and how long I had been on treatment. Just be careful. ... (3 replies)
... Hi KeyLyme. I don't think two months is long enough to tell. It can take time to notice improvement especially if you have been infected for some time. Orals are often tried first because they can be effective, are easier to administer, are less risky, and are less expensive. ... (1 replies)
... Hi gmacp, welcome to the board! I am sorry you wife is having a hard time. How long was she sick before getting diagnosed? What dose of Rocephin is she infusing and how long is it prescribed for? Is see seeing a Lyme knowledgeable doctor? What kind of sympotms is she having? Although herxes are usually an intensification of symptoms or new ones, many people... (5 replies)
Picc problems
Sep 17, 2006
... Hi Frango....I am thinking if you can get to the ER today and let them look at it....You don't want it to get infected!!!! Red and bleeding...NO does not sound good.... Let us know what you do..... HUGS TO YOU!!!! :D (10 replies)
PICC line people
Oct 18, 2005
... hi marsha and the rest of yall...sounds like not much good news is in the loop for us lately. been keeping you all in my prayers when i can. not good news here for me. been herxing and seeming like taking about 30 steps back over the past 2 1/2 weeks since my insurance pulled the rug out from under me for the iv. have no way to pay for the 1000 a week to continue w/o... (279 replies)
PICC line people
Sep 27, 2005
... Hi Marsha. I'm way behind on catching up with everyone and have been intending to do that. I know how bad the "D" can be and I really believe that with perseverence I've mostly overcome it. I think the Florastor has been a huge help, as well as being super careful with diet...sugar is a real no-no for me. I'm just beginning my third month on IV Rocephin and figure I'll be... (279 replies)
... Thank you, but you have to admit that if you didnt point us the right way we could be waiting even longer for a dx ;) Im glad to hear your son finally got to go to his pt. Is that what is making him so fatigued?I hope that resolves for him soon. Ha. Guitar hero. I never thought I would think of that as exercise but it is the most she has basically on a daily basis. Shes... (14 replies)
... Hi Srocc......yes I also did the Rocephin....had that picc in for 7 months...I did that and shot I can't remember the other antibiotic I did at the same time then plus flyagly...mis..spell.... ... (7 replies)
Happy easter!!
Mar 27, 2005
... d the IV after trying oral abx. One Dr.'s office even admit that they have to try everything else before the IV because most insurance companies won't cover the PICC line, but my insurance in ready to go. ... (10 replies)
... x's a week. I wa sable to do this when we got home, but my veins kept collapsing so I had a PICC line inserted. That got infected they put in another one which got infected and then I had a PORT put in. ... (13 replies)
... Went thru 2 steady years of antibiotcs always have the cocktail consisting of a minimum of three different types. Had a picc on 2 occassions, first lasted 11 week when my line started to get infected and had to come out, quickly relapsed and about 6 mths later started a second one. ... (1 replies)
... Melissa, Thank you! But all I did was to suggest what I thought could be her problem, you are the real hero here. You listened to your daughter and knew that something was seriously wrong with her. You made the appt. with the LLMD and took her to him and got a diagnosis for her, and you will be the one by her side during her recovery. You did a great job as a parent and... (14 replies)

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