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... Have any of you had a problem with your picc where a nurse couldn't get blood for lab work? ... (12 replies)
... I suggest not using the PICC line for blood work. ... (12 replies)
... d good, but I also want to get this treated right so I can get well asap. Sorry you have been extended another 4 wks on PICC. Originally when I was to be on the PICC he had felt 6 weeks from my test results was all I needed. But, we all keep fighting the battle. Hope you are having better days! ... (12 replies)

... Yeah...sometimes its just the postition of the line (its against the vein wall)...I really DONT reccommend drawing blood from the PICC---I am an "expierienced" IV antibiotic user (Unforunately :( ) and in my expierience the line lasts months longer if you dont draw blood :) Have them use a little butterfly needle and stick your other arm--its painless compared to the pain you... (12 replies)
... Other than this PICC issue how have you been doing and feeling? ... (12 replies)
... Thanks Ticker and JoJo - You both have put my mind at ease about the PICC. (12 replies)
... YES they had problems at times getting blood from me...I almost had to stand on my head at times to get blood. lol...Some times they just drew it straight from my other arm... ... (12 replies)
... The skin under my bandage covering the picc site is hurting alot and starting to get large blisters filled with fluid. This is a clear dressing that must cover the picc site. ... (12 replies)
... Mine appt. isn't until 2:45 - maybe next time:) (12 replies)
... Well, you always said that some day we would run into one another there! My appt. is @ 10:15. Melody (12 replies)
... Melody - I can't believe it, I see him again on the 14th too! Isn't that strange? (12 replies)
... Thanks for all the advice everyone! FLaGal - I've been wondering about you too. I saw Dr C yesterday. They've extended IV treatment for another month. He said it would probably be about 12wks total before I start to feel better. He also put me on Flagl, I was on Tindamax. I've been getting a lot of headaches. I know to avoid alcohol, even in mouthwash, but I didn't think... (12 replies)
... Hi Beachgirl It is flushing and taking rocephin fine. I've had 2 nurses try what you're suggesting. They've increased my coumadin so hopefully that will help. Thanks for your help. (12 replies)
... Hi...Can you flush the line?? Or is it blocked? . Try flushing it w/ Saline and Heparin... Than take a saline saringe (a large gage needle)..and push the saline in a little and kind of pull back and forth on the saringe in a plunging this for a little while "usually" will free up the line and it will flush again---I have had to do this twice. (12 replies)
... Well I am feeling a little better today but very nervous. Not sure of the midline myself. The nurse said it would feel the same as when they did the picc but they put numbing stuff on the picc and it was done in the hospital. Not this time. I really do feel that it is kind of stupid though. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Fernee Wow what a day you had . Hope this post finds you a little better with the feeling in your arm Mine took about a week to calm down . I was feeling like crap for my aniversery . We went to a place in the mountains in NH old Manor which was very charming My husband tried so hard to make things special but I was not feeling well at all and was not the most... (7 replies)
... I cannot comment on the med line but I can on the PICC. I had my PICC inserted almost 2 weeks ago. ... (4 replies)
PICC line people
Nov 30, 2005
... I feel no differant than I did the day they stuck that line in me. ... (279 replies)
... I had a picc line put in February of this year and injected Rocephin 1gm daily. ... (12 replies)
PICC line people
Sep 4, 2005
... diagnosed through a tilt table test, in her case they did the "poor man's tilt test" where she stood quietly for 10 minutes while they continuously monitored her blood pressure. ... (279 replies)

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