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... and started my first does of Rocephin at the Dr.'s office. Within 5 minutes of starting the Rocephin I began to have a severe allergic reaction and needed to stop. ... (7 replies)
... but had an apparent allergic reaction. This time she was desensitized in hospital and then had a PICC inserted so she could do the infusions at home. Current infusion 2 grams Rocephin daily. ... (5 replies)
... ses after relocation, I found my wonderfully compassionate and knowledgable LLMD in N Lousiana because they had heard there were several patients on long term IV Rocephin being treated by this doctor That was one true GODSEND of Katrina. ... (5 replies)

Rocephin Question
Mar 23, 2005
... but I felt that I needed to give my feedback on your question. Quick background....I had to have my PICC line pulled out due to an infection that cause me to go septic and get really really sick. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Srocc......yes I also did the Rocephin....had that picc in for 7 months...I did that and shot I can't remember the other antibiotic I did at the same time then plus flyagly...mis..spell.... ... (7 replies)
... I had a picc line put in February of this year and injected Rocephin 1gm daily. I'll have to say that my experience with this wasn't the best thing that ever happened to me, but, truthfully, its not that bad. ... (12 replies)
... plaquenil and mepron. I also have an MS dx due to the number of lesions and their location. My doctor is now recommending I start 2 months of IV Rocephin to get the meds into the central nervous system faster. I will need to have a PICC line inserted at a local hospital. I'll admit this scares me alot! ... (12 replies)
... Yes, I have been doing the Rocephin through my PICC line for 9 months now. ... (13 replies)
... Blot with a different Lab processing unit which measures more bands. However, with the clinical symptoms and the positive CSF titer, she wants to start me on a PICC line with rocephin. I understand that Rocefin is a 3rd generation Cephalosporin and very effective. ... (1 replies)
... Ticker, I'm infusing 2g of Rocephin every morning. I'll be getting the PICC line in the next few days hopefully or else I'll have to get the temp line replaced. ... (9 replies)
... Thanks ticker. I'm going to have to start with 28 days and go from there. I can't go on my honeymoon to St. Lucia with a PICC line in and toting rocephin along with me. I'd hate to get an infection and be out of the country. ... (9 replies)
... We are in the same boat, as my husband is starting IV Rocephin in 2 weeks. We are also with Dr. R in NY as a couple of you are, and we are also in Chester County PA as is Sarah! ... (11 replies)
... I have a PICC and am being treated with Rocephin / Flagyl here in MD/DE/NY. But I am travelling for 10 days to Maui, and am wondering if anyone on this board knows how I can travel with the drugs (or have them pre-shipped out there, or dispensed out there?). I am worried about the no-liquids rule on the airlines. Can you imagine if the TSA confiscate 10 days worth of Rocephin?... (5 replies)
... Does the doc basically write a "script" for a PICC line, you take the script to the hospital, and they place the PICC, then you find an infusion place to do the rest? ... (9 replies)
PICC line people
May 27, 2006
... I was on the rocephin for 8 months but had to stop because of gallbladder stones and sludge balls. I was started on claforan THREE times a day and am doing better. ... (11 replies)
PICC line people
Oct 10, 2005
... lad the procedure went well for you, you're off to a great start. keep us posted on how things go for you. withing the first houjrs of taking my first dose of rocephin i was feeling awful and herxing, so i know it was making a difference for me...despite it showing an effect so slowly in the long term. ... (279 replies)
PICC line people
Aug 26, 2005
... Hi PICC People and everyone even considering doing it! ... (279 replies)
... Hi trigal. What dose of Rocephin will you be taking? ... (13 replies)
... (9 replies)

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