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... Pins and Needles, Tingling Feelings, Burning Sensations...."crawly" feelings..etc... are all really common with Lyme. It is called Parasthesias which is medically defined as : abnormal sensations such as numbness, prickling, or "pins and needles." ALSO many people with Lyme have what is called Peripheral Neuropathy, which is defined as: damage to the peripheral nerves... (13 replies)
... Pins and needles feeling has almost completely gone away from me. Seem to be recovering from what ever it was. Went from numbness to pins and needles to just a little pain in the legs. The last stage of the pins was about 2 weeks ago. ... (13 replies)
... For several weeks now my muscle twitching has reduced and become very minor. The muscles in my arms and legs continue to hurt if squeezed but seem to me sort of OK. My doc increased my Doxy dose to 200 mg twice per day. ... (13 replies)

... I have the twitching and pins and needles. ... (13 replies)
... owed I was really really low in Potassium. Now on 40 MeQ per day. 20 in the morning and 20 in the evening. This seems to have stopped most of the tingling and pins and needles. ... (13 replies)
... Yes, I had pins and needles while on doxy. I also had sensations like cold water was being thrown on my arms and hands. For me, it was a side effect of the doxy. ... (13 replies)
... needle feeling and the neck pain, the stuff is my new BEST FRIEND, works great for it. ... (13 replies)
... I had an EMG/NCV test last year (just for lower body- my hands were tested several years ago) and supposedly my nerves are fine. (I went in then, because my big toe on my right foot is partially numb). I've already been told I have PN, though. And I have had a few instances where my arm (and entire side of body) went completely numb. I went to the ER because my neuro thought... (13 replies)
... I am wondering if anyone has or had a feeling like paralysis. ... (13 replies)
... it is comming back. I was on Doxy for a couple of months and slowly got better untill I was feeling almost normal. We stopped the Doxy and slowly my sumptoms are getting worse. ... (13 replies)
... ick was on in my groin. I went to the doc and told her, so she gave me some antibiotics. I took those for a month and felt fine but not long after that i started feeling veryyyyyy fatigued, my stomach was constantly rolling making noises, I had muscle twitching everywhere in my body mostly in my legs. ... (1 replies)
... flu that I didnt' treat with any antibiotics. About a week later I got left shoulder pain and started getting a migrating pins and needles feeling in my body. ... (1 replies)
... then caught the hospital stomach bug which was doing the rounds there so I have been feeling very sorry for myself! ... (7 replies)
... OK it has been a year since the onset of my symptoms. The three months of Doxy seemed to do the trick. The only thing is now I hurt in my joints such as ankles, knee, hip, arms and fingers. But the pain is not really bad and nothing comnpared to the pain I felt when I was sick, well. Anyway it would appear that the sore muscles and tingling and everything have been cured... (13 replies)
... Writeart, How lond did the paralisis last? This is important. Jeff001 (13 replies)
... I experienced numbness and sensation of heaviness in my right arm and leg and they had though I had a stroke (at 28). I think it's the Lyme as it can cause sensory disturbances in the nerves. Tracy (13 replies)
... I've had intermittent tinglings, and my LLMD thought it was inflammation in the blood vessels feeding the nerves; they swell up, press on the nerves, tingling. He has me on Benicar, Vit-D3 supplementation, and now a new herbal supplement called Boswellia Complex...all to reduce the inflammation so my system and the abx can work more effectively. (13 replies)
Lyme or not???
May 4, 2007
... get up again. Didn't think much of it, wrote it off as my leg was probably asleep, got up to fast, etc. But later that day more weird things started to happen, pins and needles, numbness, tingling, weakness. This started from my right leg and slowly moved up my whole rightside. ... (7 replies)
... Had an ECG which was normal, blood tests, and xray's, all came back perfectly normal. I was so relieved, but then suddenly struck with the feeling of fear, because something had to be causing these symptoms.They sent me home, and suggested I go back to my GP for further investigation. ... (39 replies)
... Years of pain with a"half hearted" dx of Fibro, I now suspect it could be Lyme. I live in E. TN and the docs around here seem dismissive of this as a diagnosis. Here are my symptoms which have been consistent for at least a month but intermittent for years (come and go, I feel good for a time then I have new or strange pains/symptoms). I have dealt with it thinking it was... (11 replies)

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