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... Thanks for the reply. What herxing symptoms are you referring to? ... (6 replies)
How do you Detox
Apr 6, 2014
... ames here so you will have to do the research or contact ILADS for an honor roll list of LLMDs. You could also consider doing alternative or a combination of abx and alternative, which many do. ... (11 replies)
So scared...
May 13, 2005
... I went undiagnosed for 2 years. Finally in October my bloodwork went to IgenX and came back positive. ... (4 replies)

... PM, sitting here at my desk I started to get hot. Now I have a bad headache and I feel, well, just sick like someone turned on a switch and I have the flu without the congestion. ... (6 replies)
... PS!!!! Does anyone use the Rife machine and has it helped? ... (2 replies)
... I just thought I'd give you and update about Dr. D...I saw him today. I was reading some of your posts and I wanted to mention a few things to you, and anyone else who goes to Dr. D, that may be helpful... ... (15 replies)
... body twitches 3 days after starting ABx's and so did my son, we hadn't had these before, and I noticed with my son that we were on the plane coming back from Ct and I accidentally put his ABX's in the checked bag and he usually took them at 5pm about 6pm he started having those twitches really bad. I know bad mother! ... (4 replies)
... I need to call also because he has me on clindamycin and quinine right now for 10 days and then he said a 10 day break but he also gave me biaxin and plaquenil and if I am reading the paperwork correctly that is what I take during the 10 day break and keep rotating these meds every 10 days. ... (14 replies)
... Yes, I have been seeing Dr. D for about two years, maybe a little longer, and yes I have been on Biaxin most of the time. ... (1 replies)
... I still have a few issues, but it's so much better than before. If you are seeing a LLMD, they know what they are doing and you have to trust them. Are you taking supplements for your stomach? ... (3 replies)
... Tony.. I had a good 4 days on the biaxin.. It was great.. Then I started the plaquenil yesterday in addition to the biaxin.. felt okay until last night.. then I felt like I did since april.. not worse but the same... ... (121 replies)
... I started off on biaxin and plaquenil but couldn't stand the metallic taste so he switched me to ceftin. I have had definate improvement but am still really struggling with the fatigue. ... (8 replies)
... I am shocked he switched my antibiotics so soon. I thought maybe he would have me stick it out and that maybe I am not giving it long enough. ... (11 replies)
... I've had lyme for 3 years and now besides the fatigue, the joint pain, especially on my knees, is my worst symptom. I also have pain that comes and goes in my wrists, fingers, shoulders, and ankles. Sometimes the pain in my hands is so bad, I cannot write or type. ... (4 replies)
How do you Detox
Apr 8, 2014
... (11 replies)
... infections..I believe I have three or so.. I started on oral Biaxin and plaquenil.. for almost 3 weeks.. worked great.. good combo.. then I started herxing.. The dr then took me off of them just incase it was an allergic reaction.. ... (121 replies)
... or you. It sure seems that some of this stuff that is supposed to make us better does the reverse. All part of the cycle I guess. I am feeling slightly better and will go back on meds tomorrow or Sunday. ... (164 replies)
... saving biaxin and plaquenil. My LLMD quickly mentioned that you COULD pulse it, 2 weeks on 2 weeks off. I am nervous about this kind of stopping and starting bc of herxing, and or creating "superbugs" Any experience or advice? ... (0 replies)
... Ticker... The doctor took me off of the biaxin and plaquenil.. I at first believed that i was having an allergic reaction.. now i believe i was just herxing.. anyway he put me on omnicef.. ... (121 replies)
... Okay, some of the symptoms sound like his..i.e. neck arm back pain. He also has trouble with his eyes and presure in his hear. He is on Zithromax 500 a day and 400 of Plaquenil. He has been on it for 8 days now and no change in him yet. ... (17 replies)

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