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... Hi, I have been taking Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) for about 3 weeks (200mg/2x per day). A side-effect of Plaquenil, although I'm not sure how common, is color changes in sight. My LLMD had me go to the optomistrist for an eye exam beforehand-- so if any vision changes occur, we have a baseline to work from. My sister had this occur--WHILE she was taking it--- (6 replies)
... I don't know about cysts in the brain per se, but Flagyl and Tinidazole are good for the cyst form of Lyme. I have heard that Plaquenil is supposedly a cyst buster, but I do not know if it is as effective as Flagyl or Tinidazole. ... (22 replies)
May 26, 2007
... form of lyme. When being treated with ABX's the lyme will turn into cyst form to keep the ABX's from killing it off. ... (5 replies)

... infections but no idea about the cyst form being combated with it . Sounds like we are in the war zone . Mepron and malarone are another two medicines that also go after the cyst form . ... (6 replies)
... mylarial, that kills the cyst form. ... (34 replies)
... My doctor doesn't beleive that the rocepherin is as effective as the orals,because it doesn't attack the cyst surrounding the Lyme.I was put on a combo of Biaxin and Plaquenil.The plaquenil bust open the cyst and the Biaxin attacks it. I herxed 5 days into treatment. ... (11 replies)
... Hi Lateralus. I am so glad you went to Dr. H's office and liked them. It sounds like you have a good plan of action. Although Plaquenil is classified as an anti-malarial, I do not believe most Lyme doctors prescribe it for Babesiosis. I am not a doctor, but I also believe there are better choices to treat the cyst form (meds such as Tinidazole or Flagyl). From what I... (6 replies)
... time getting disability as they don't seem to recognize lyme as being disabling. I want to try anything that will give me back the ability to drive. I know the plaquenil is supposed to kill the cyst form of lyme which can lay dormant for years, so you'd think people on this protocl might have less chance for relapse? ... (10 replies)
... i know flagyl and tindamax are cyst busters. My PA at the llmd's clinic said plaquenil is also a cyst buster. will these work for cysts in the brain ? ... (22 replies)
Test results
Jun 8, 2007
... Stef, Hope your day is going OK! Since you feel that you have had the Lyme before you had your children I would definately get them tested. Especially your son with Autism. It was Dr. Jones who explained all the info about children with Austism to me when I took my son to see him last Oct. I wanted to make sure that I had not passed the Lyme onto my son. But that was ruled... (6 replies)
... at are commonly used to treat LD, erythro. is completely ineffective in the treatment of LD. Penicillians just cause the Lyme to hide in the cell walls or become cyst forms until you stop taking it. Plus usually stronger doses of antibiotics are prescribed and for longer periods of time. ... (20 replies)
... Is the cyst theory widely accepted? ... (13 replies)
... Most prescriptions are available over the counter in Mexico. I was sick with Lyme in 2006 till 2009. Two years being ignored by doctors who gave me 30 days doxy,2n year crawling back to health after finding a Lyme Literate doctor who treated me for 2 years. There were 2 protocols that saved my life. I took 3= 500mg tetracycline in the am and pm. After 5 days, the lyme was... (8 replies)
Apr 26, 2008
... I took Tinidazole for the cyst from together with Minocycline. I did not pulse it but took it continuously. It definitely helped. ... (4 replies)
... Barbara are you taking plaquenil for your Lupus? ... (9 replies)
... Tammy, I was basically in a remission for almost 3 years, until I went trough a tough divorce. I had been very sick for 4 years, but was not given a Lyme diag. But my rheumi put me on Plaquenil for a year(which is also used to treat the cyst form of Lyme) little did he know that he actually helped me by doing that, but he refused to retest for Lyme after my Elisa was first... (2 replies)
Tummy troubles
Apr 1, 2006
... flagyl. I assume that would work for Babesia and the cyst form? ... (6 replies)
... My pain symptoms range from,serious aching in upper arms ,weakness,pulling,twitcing, Serious deep pocket cyst like pain in certain muscles, mostly now the big ones like butt cheeks, triceps, hamstrings, especially when I flare. I also get burning pain in arms and legs. ... (3 replies)
... So far, I don't know of any other drugs to burst the cyst forms. If anyone else does, I'd love to know. ... (5 replies)
... Fri. And her current medication is zithromax 500mg 2x a day, 7 days a week, and Tindamax 750mg 2x day for 14 days. The Tindomax is what is supposed to kill the cyst form which will release the spiral form for the zithromax to kill. She has steadily went downhill since being removed from the IV line. ... (5 replies)

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