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PICC line people
Nov 30, 2005
... I hope today is going better for you. I took 4 days off of the meds because of the bad herx and went back on Monday. Too soon! ... (279 replies)
... s attitude on herxes too, it is somewhat like Dr. Jernigan's. You aren't healing if you feel bad all the time. Dr. Crist said you have to distinguish between a herx and symtoms from the meds. If the herx isn't real bad you can tough it out or take a break but you definitely take a break if it puts you to bed. ... (16 replies)
... Hello! So, after a year and a half of misery, I was finally diagnosed with Lyme. Huzzah! But…now comes the hard part. Killing it. SO...I'm one week into antibiotics (doxy and Plaquenil). I didn't have a herx and actually started to feel slightly better right after starting the meds, BUT now…on day six, I woke up with a sore throat and TERRIBLE yellowy gross congestion. I... (6 replies)

... illin which actually worked better. The low grades fever disappeared. Then zithromax was added. I developed itching all over my body and did not know if it was a herx or a drug sensitivity so I stopped. Then I went on ceftin and zithromax. ... (4 replies)
... Alexis, the type of antibiotics that you mentioned are not the antibiotics that are commonly used to treat LD, erythro. is completely ineffective in the treatment of LD. Penicillians just cause the Lyme to hide in the cell walls or become cyst forms until you stop taking it. Plus usually stronger doses of antibiotics are prescribed and for longer periods of time. Alot of... (20 replies)
... Plaquenil combo for 14 months.It does sound like a herx reaction or "die off". After a while it got better for me for longer periods of time.It's a very slow progress.Little by little my symptoms disappeared. ... (10 replies)
... irst response. I was diagnosed with lyme 7 months ago. 11 months after symptoms. Im on rocephin 3 times a week along with biaxin twice a day. Oh and plaquenil. I herx all the time, especially every 4th week. I have to get a shot of cortisone to make it threw. It takes a day and a half to kick in. ... (4 replies)
... than yesterday. I just realized today that I am very depressed. I had to stop taking Biaxin and Plaquenil a few days ago, and am only going to be allowed to take Ceftin or Amoxicillin. I don't think that these drugs do anything for me anymore. ... (34 replies)
PICC line people
Dec 7, 2005
... q one more time and then Dr. C decides whether to continue this or move on to something new. I should herx right around Christmas if the calendar is correct. ... (279 replies)
PICC line people
Nov 27, 2005
... The first go round I had no problems with it and as I said in another thread I am sure the problems I had over Thanksgiving are herx related. ... (279 replies)
... I have to say the real only other meds I had was the 9 weeks of rocephin until the liver enzymes kicked up. I never got sick or had a herx from them though. I am probably more vigilant than most about my diet, no sweets, nothing but whole grains, my only downfall is a potato now and then. ... (4 replies)
... i always thought I did, but never had a dr believe me or even look further. he is starting me on doxycycline and plaquenil for the cystic forms and he is doing more testing for several coinfections. ... (17 replies)
PICC line people
Aug 27, 2005
... Hi everyone, Tee Dee, I am so happy things are going well for you right now. And Bothrops, I'm sorry to hear another week has gone by without any apparent improvement. It wasn't a great week for us, either. But, it is only week 2 on Rocephin so I am trying to tell myself Sara is probably right where she should be. She almost certainly had her first herx, early in the week.... (279 replies)
... hallucinations, nightmares, increased nerve and joint pain, etc. I started Ketek about a month into the Rocephin, so it's hard to tell whether I had a separate herx from it or not. ... (17 replies)
... Like any treatment, it must be taken long term and it must be taken consistently. You may experience a herx when you take it. Do you know what a herx is? ... (7 replies)
... Hi Lateralus. I am so glad you went to Dr. H's office and liked them. It sounds like you have a good plan of action. Although Plaquenil is classified as an anti-malarial, I do not believe most Lyme doctors prescribe it for Babesiosis. I am not a doctor, but I also believe there are better choices to treat the cyst form (meds such as Tinidazole or Flagyl). From what I... (6 replies)
... Hi Kelly. Biaxin and Plaquenil can be a good combo. Biaxin in an antibiotic. ... (121 replies)
Lyme antibiotics?
Jul 15, 2006
... Biaxin and Plaquenil are often prescribed. It is my understanding that Plaquenil is prescribed with Biaxin because it enables the Biaxin to work more effectively. ... (5 replies)
... time getting disability as they don't seem to recognize lyme as being disabling. I want to try anything that will give me back the ability to drive. I know the plaquenil is supposed to kill the cyst form of lyme which can lay dormant for years, so you'd think people on this protocl might have less chance for relapse? ... (10 replies)
... I am so perplexed.... I went to my LLMD's office today, but saw his PA. Up till now, I have been on doxycycline 400 mg for a month and also plaquenil 200mg and I have been only having a worsening of symptoms and no real improvement (like a constant herx that comes and goes) He said that I am herxing too much and the med doesn't seem to be working, so he switched me to: ... (11 replies)

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