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Jan 20, 2007
... I have had Igenx texting done 4 times. The band that this Dr. looks at for positive is band ? ... (6 replies)
... If the only positive band on a Western Blot is the IgG 41 band, is that significant? ... (11 replies)
... It sounds like it. It is usually positive when over 1.0. Your result is very positive. ... (6 replies)

... And ... you really don't need to have any bands positive to have Lyme. A great many people go by symptomology since the bands are not always a reliable indicator. ... (8 replies)
... inf disease doctors rarely will even care if you only have a 41 on a regular lab result, they will say you are negative, flat out. ... (7 replies)
... about maybe having Lyme. I found an LLMD about two hours away and got tested. Long story short...the test was negative for both acute and chronic Ltme but I had 41 band positive and 39 Ind. My CD57 test was very low also. It was 24. Anyway, the doctor wanted to treat me but I refused because I wanted to be sure. ... (9 replies)
... on band 41 and a few others, western blot. I also had very low cd57 readings, 1 and 34 on seperate test. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Jen & Everybody, Please don't bump this post to the Lyme board, I had ACDF surgery C6-7 in March 2007 due to cord compression, but have continued to struggle with ongoing health stuff, mostly neurological issues. Jen, I saw my doc yesterday - I switched my appt. I am "probable" as far as Lyme Disease goes. I did have one positive IGM band (41). My killer cells are... (3 replies)
... Thanks Keylime. I had some computer challenges this week, but I am so thankful you got my message. I already had gotten on Brewer's list, suggested the cancellation concept and the lady taking the info down on the phone just said that there is no such thing given there are 100 people ahead of me on the wait list! So . . what is PICC? Given my last APPT. with Ryser, the... (18 replies)
... I'm with the Fibroymyalgia and Fatigue Center in Troy, MI - went there for fatigue - had no idea it was Lyme. They took 19 vials of blood based on my 22 page survey and my hour long interview (Quest Diagnostics) and I was positive for band 41 but negative for all co-infections. They followed up withe the two Western Blots from Igenex and I do have Lyme. I want them to test... (5 replies)
... ast with Lyme it is treatable. Every medical professional we come in contact with concerning ALS is so negative and cold and uncompassionate. What we need now is positive Christ like professionals to help us and we are finding that they are hard to come by. Again thank you and God Bless. Happy Holidays!!!!!!! ... (25 replies)
... I suspect you probably have...but another user posted that her mother who was diagnosed with ALS a few weeks back has now tested positive for Lyme Disease. ... (25 replies)
... IGenex Interpretation is based on internal validation stugies. By IGenex criteria, IgM WB is considered positive if two or more of the double starred bands are present. The Igm WB is considered negative if less than 2 starred bands are present. ... (1 replies)
Got results today
Apr 10, 2005
... while the 41 kDa band isn't. ... (16 replies)
... band 18 highly specific for lyme...many will say that this band alone is a positive for lyme band 41 flagellan protein of all spirochetes band 45 cross reactive for all borrellia band 58 unknown..possibly heat shock Bb protein I just quickly went through a site I found but maybe take some time and look it up, and read about it. hope this helps. (7 replies)
... Hi Ticker; That helps a lot. I wasn't sure if that's how everyone's test looked or what. Now all I need to do is go study to see what all of those foreign words like Ehrlichiosis and Burrascano mean. (*;*) I found the site you mentioned with the information by Dr. Burrascano. I am also going to order the book you reccommended. I already had an appointment with the... (23 replies)
... was drenched. I have a friend a docotr, who told me to come in and prescribed me doxycyclin for like 2 weeks and tested me on july 7. That test basically had igm band 41 as reactive and all lyme igg bands were non reactive. He said I needed two igm bands to test positive. ... (0 replies)
Feb 23, 2007
... standing one. Band 41 is often the first to show and yours are positive. ... (14 replies)
... Band 41 is often the first to show in a Lyme infection, and yours is positive. ... (8 replies)
... they are told they definitely do not have it. When they test positive, they are told it is a false positive or the doctor keeps testing trying to get a negative result! Why do they even test then? ... (23 replies)

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