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Jun 14, 2008
... The bands are the numbers. The Western Blot is broken down into numeric numbers. The breakdown that I sent you shows the band number and the meaning of it. These bands on the Western Blot measures the antibodies your body makes to attack the Lyme infection. ... (6 replies)
... As for titers, I personally believe each persons immune system responds differently. Some have strong systems, some don't. Some people have a negative western blot, get treated with a round of antibiotics then have a positive western blot. Get that? ... (3 replies)
... I have been recently diagnosed with Lyme's - finally, after 5 yrs of symptoms - and am now receiving IV Rocephin, Plaquenil and taking Actigall as a preventative for gall bladder issues. (started with doxy for two wks, been on Rocephin for two weeks now.) Question: have been getting what my doctor calls Herxheimer reactions where it feels like your symptoms are getting... (3 replies)

... Did your son have both the IgM and the IgG Western Blot done? ... (6 replies)
... MDL Western Blot test, Igm no bands. ... (3 replies)
... Hello Finest1104, Here is the Western Blot Breakdown: Western Blot Bands description: 9 cross-reactive for Borrellia 12 specific for Bb 18 unknown 20 cross-reactive for Borrellia 21 unknown 22 specific for Bb, probably really the 23/25 band (16 replies)
Jun 13, 2008
... Thanks, could you tell me what a band is. ... (6 replies)
... to another Dr. in a couple of months because I was not getting results, he thought I had I might have MS. After 4 months, I found a holistic Dr. who did a lyme western blot which game back positive for one band of lyme. She put me on doxycycline, I started feeling better after each herx, but it was slow. ... (24 replies)
... The IgG tests for a longer standing infection. IgeneX uses more sensitive testing and list more bands on the Western Blot. ... (7 replies)
... I did a western blot for Lyme from another lab, and I had band 41 and 58 show up. I later did a western blot with IGenex and Had band 41 and 2 IND. So I was NOT more positive with IGenex. In fact they showed less. So Igenex is not positive for everybody. ... (6 replies)
... Band 41 on the Western Blot is often the first to show in an infection. ... (23 replies)
Nov 2, 2006
... he lyme bacteria. Therefore there was very little of the lyme toxins in my blood stream. After about 8 months on treatment I had the lyme bullseye and my Quest Western Blot showed 2 lyme bands. Still not CDC positive. ... (2 replies)
... I am glad you are getting answers. For the complete breakdown of the Western Blot bands, see the "Western Blot Band Description" post. Many of the Lyme specific bands on your test are positive or equivocal. ... (11 replies)
Jun 12, 2008
... However IgG can be read as an indication of a current infection, or of past exposure to or past infection by the organism. You are missing one band on the IgG to be declared a Lymie by CDC standard's. The CDC requires at least two band's on the IgM to be declared a Lymie, and you have zero. ... (6 replies)
... lab results and we have a phone in appt. tomorrow AM to go over them and discuss treatment protocol. It is somewhat confusing to me, but does appear I am IGeneX positive on the Western Blot IgM, but not CDC positive, which I'm sure will be an "out" for my insurance. ... (24 replies)
... The MD is really nice as well. I ask some questions about HIV tests. At one point I had an indeterminate HIV with 1 band positive. All others since have been negative. But we discuse this. I have a question about syphillis testing. My RPR have all been neg. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Ticker; That helps a lot. I wasn't sure if that's how everyone's test looked or what. Now all I need to do is go study to see what all of those foreign words like Ehrlichiosis and Burrascano mean. (*;*) I found the site you mentioned with the information by Dr. Burrascano. I am also going to order the book you reccommended. I already had an appointment with the... (23 replies)
... they are told they definitely do not have it. When they test positive, they are told it is a false positive or the doctor keeps testing trying to get a negative result! Why do they even test then? ... (23 replies)
... She is positive or equivocal on the Lyme specific bands. Band 30 is common in European and one CA strain, and she is positive on this band. ... (13 replies)
... Dear Ticker, It's been a few weeks since I last sent a thread to anybody because I have been trying to get all of my ducks in order so I can maybe get somebody to treat me. I went for another Lyme test and it came back differently this time. I guess the lab has changed the way they configure the results. Anyway the first test that I had done on 7/23/02 came back... (42 replies)

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