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... anger has mostly gone away except still have my days especially around that time of the month. In December I tested positive for igm with bands 39 and 41 present and igg negative but band 41 present. My primary has dismissed it but I made appts with a IDD and LLMD. ... (4 replies)
... For those that saw my previous thread I tested positive for igm with bands 39 and 41 and igg negative with bands 41 on the western blot. My docotor keeps telling me it's not lyme. ... (2 replies)
... HI: I have been feeling continously unwell since February 8, 2010, but remember getting ill with a stomach "thing" back in November before thanksgiving. My main symptoms are: -Dizzy / drunk feeling -Lightheadedness -Excessive "floaters" in vision -Drunk / Fishbowl vision particulaly in stores -Shimmering / moving worms in peripherhy (3 replies)

... Wow, so you tested negative on the urine? ... (9 replies)
... eeks to a month from now, then definitely take it. The Lyme screening tests and the ELISAS seem to be trash most of the time. Only for some people do they show positive even if you have Lyme. The western blot tends to be better but still misses some folks. ... (12 replies)
... Western Blot I only tested a positive on line 41. So I guess at this point I just need to finish the antibiotics and see how I feel afterwards. ... (7 replies)
... Hello to everyone. I have some questions about Mycoplasmas. I just tested positive with a high titer for Mycoplasma Pneum IgG/IgM. I have Lyme and have been under treatment for about a year with little improvement of symptoms. I have tested negative for other co-infections, Bartonella, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis. Who knows these tests results may be inaccurate. I'm... (8 replies)
... Hello, all. Another one bites the dust ... or at least so I have been told by two doctors (but not the third). I know the devil is in the details (and I will get to those), but my Western Blot was positive for IgM ( I was reactive for 39 and 41), but negative for IgG (just reactive for 41). My rheumatologist (as well as my internist) said "Lyme disease" and put me on... (2 replies)
... Hi! I'm normally on the thyroid board. I paid for a lab to do a basic Lyme panel. Got bit by a few ticks this summer. One left a big welt. Didn't think anything of it. Long story short, thought my thyroid levels were off, but they are the best they have ever been - but it appears I have many of the lyme symptoms. Anyway, here are the results performed by *******: ... (5 replies)
... If the MRI comes back normal then I will go on IV Abx for 3 months. If the MRI comes back positive then I have to have the spinal tap. ... (7 replies)
... Hello; I'm new to this. I've been sick for many years--diagnosed with such things as Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos, Lichen Planus, Osteopenia/Osteoporosis, Carpal Tunnel, H-Pylori, Recurring Kidney Stones, High Cholesterol, Migraines, etc. etc. I had never been tested for Lyme Disease before; but the Dr. reccommended I get tested for it recently. I had the Western Blot IGM,... (23 replies)
Holy Toledo!
Jun 30, 2007
... Hi Barbara. Remember that no Lyme test is completely reliable, and most people will test negative early in the infection. ... (15 replies)
... No, both of my tests came back negative. I had some positive bands though on my IGM. ... (82 replies)
... hi lumpy!! try not to think about it, is what i do, i try not to pay atencion to my heart beats beause i get very anxoius, but i suggest to check it with a cardiologist any way, for example the medication for heart beats i am taking, tilaze 60mg 2 times a day.. doesnt really do anything for me, i take it anyway, maube if i dont, will be worst, i know inderal works better, but... (14 replies)
... is my head and listen to me this time, specially since i told him i lived in boston in the eighties when i went to school there... anyway my lyme test here , the igg and igm were negative... but i wouldnt trust it... so hoping to hear something from igenex... what is the diference with the 5000 and 5010? ... (19 replies)
PICC line people
Oct 2, 2005
... My Western Blot IgM was negative, but the IgG was indeterminate. ... (279 replies)
... Hi guys. This is Chuck again (I wrote to you about a month and a half ago here about Lyme). I was diagnosed with Epstein-Barr back in September... I've suffered from painful fatigue and dry throat. You all advised me to send bloodwork to IgeneX. Well, I did, and here are the results. Please tell me what you make of them: LYME IGG WESTERN BLOT NEGATIVE 18 kDa - ... (8 replies)
... I tested negative with Igg and Igm Western Blot. Tests done by Quest diagnostics. ... (6 replies)
... Sorry I haven't dropped in for a while, haven't felt so great. got my results from western blot but myself and my country doctor were scratching our heads. going to infection disease doc soon as possible... can't someone tell me anything about this? ticker? :) IgG- negative IgM- positive anyone help would be great... thanks (16 replies)
... Hi SickinVt, Just a short note to let you know that my daughter tested negative on one and equivical on the other, IGG/IGM, but her urine test by PCR came back positive. She is being treated now with oral medication, but did 5 weeks of IV. I have had no problems with insurance, so I guess the Doctor is right. It seems the insurance industry does not like... (3 replies)

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