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... I would like to go back for a moment and explain, firstly I have a positive Lumbar puncture, Oligoclonal bands were found to be present in both my CSF and Serum. Because the O bands were in my serum aswel, MS has totally been ruled out. ... (3 replies)
... I camp near Hanover in the summer. Where in Md is the LLMD? The Rheumatologist my doc wants me to go to is at the Hershey Medical Center and the LLMD is in Sunbury/Bloomsburg but she's still trying to find out if he'll see me since I tested negative. I wish I was even functioning at 70%, for me it's more like 30%. Thanks for the info on the tests, I'm going to... (14 replies)
... If you can, find out which lab ran the Lymes tests and the banding results. ... (14 replies)

... i'm glad i did seek out the second opinion, as MS treatment is exactly the oppositie of what lyme's patients need, that medicine will make anyone suffering with lymes so much worse. i know maureen had that happen to her and she had many problems due to it. ... (7 replies)
... If she received the "standard treatment" of 3 weeks of 200mg Doxycycline, I'd say it was a treatment failure; that low dose and length isn't effective. I received such a dose twice, and then the doc said he didn't know what else to do and I'd have to live with it. :0 Most Lyme docs would probably have put her on at least 12 weeks of a higher dose Doxy (400-600mg for... (6 replies)
... don't need any fancy testing to find my Culprit,, it shows in a years time on the Titer plain and clear 3X's.. although since they have changed the criteria for bands in the Western Blot I would not have it.. but my anti's indicate in May 2002, in January 2003, and then again in MArch of 2003 I am a high presumpive of Lymes! ... (0 replies)
... r, who told me to come in and prescribed me doxycyclin for like 2 weeks and tested me on july 7. That test basically had igm band 41 as reactive and all lyme igg bands were non reactive. He said I needed two igm bands to test positive. ... (0 replies)
... I started to get weird symptoms in May 2004. Wasn't diagnosed with Lymes til August 2004, and was pretty much incapacitated. Was given the "standard" abx of Doxycycline 200mg for 3 weeks. ... (7 replies)
... Derek, your post mentioned some critical things that should definitely be taken into consideration. First, you mentioned that your SISTER was bitten by a tick and got sick immediately and experienced a bulls-eye rash, correct? She is an extremely close genetic relative of yours so guess what that probably means? Her reaction to an infected tick could very well be exactly... (36 replies)
10 years of hell
May 14, 2010
... I have been through every test imaginable and still come up against brick walls with GP's or Consultants. The only test that came back positive was my Lumbar Puncture, it positive for Oligoclonal bands and CSF and Serum, so not indicitive of MS. ... (1 replies)
... Reactive for 23kd and 41kd means that you have a positive reaction on those bands. They test for a variety of "bands" that are reactive to the Lyme spirochete or various surface proteins related to it. ... (1 replies)
... after a year long battle I finally was. During that year they told me I was a hypochondriac, should seek treatment for my "mental disorder", and stop focusing on Lymes as the answer to my problems. ... (2 replies)
... Her Pedi said he believes her IGM test false positive because she probably had mono and that mono elevated the tiers. She has never had mono to my knowledge. Can Mono elevate band 23? ... (0 replies)
... the CDC wants 5 bands, and many ignorant docs will insist that if you don't have 5 bands you don't have Lymes, which is a load of crapola. ... (12 replies)
... I'll try to keep this brief. My son, 8 has shown 2 positive bands for lymes. Pediatrician won't treat, as we all know we need 3 positive bands. Anyway, we have been to the pediatrician a million times for random things that we never get an answer. ... (1 replies)
... Hello. CFS is really more of a description. It is not a "real" diagnosis specifying the cause of illness. Now CFS, MS, Lupus and other immune related disorders are recently being proven to be tied into bacterial/spirochete infections. You've described it well- Its muscular fatigue. That dip in your energy levels is a space that the bacteria occupy. The more you go out... (4 replies)
... What is considered positive in Lab tests alone? ... (4 replies)
... Given that it's very hard to actually be CDC-positive (need 5 bands positive on the Western Blot), even the CDC estimates that the disease is under-reported by a factor of at least 10...I'm sure that most docs in Kansas wouldn't even consider testing for Lymes anyways (since they KNOW Lymes "isn't around here", people with Lyme's symptoms notwithstanding). I had a hard... (1 replies)
... I started to get weird symptoms in May 2004. Wasn't diagnosed with Lymes til August 2004, and was pretty much incapacitated. Was given the "standard" abx of Doxycycline 200mg for 3 weeks. ... (13 replies)
Lyme's in denial
Feb 3, 2016
... mber an odd red area on my thigh that went away within a couple days so I didn't think anything of it. From what research I found the CDC doesn't consider a lyme positive if less than a certain number of bands are positive. Just wondering if I really have lymes. ... (0 replies)

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