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Apr 2, 2007
... Well I saw a different infectious disease dr today. He slammed my current lyme dr. Called him a few choice names. I kept my mouth shut. Wanted to hear what he said about me. I honestly think I knew more than him and he knew it. ... (122 replies)
... One more thing...Blackant5...a negative Western blot doesn't necessarily mean that you don't have lyme. What band was reactive on your original Western Blot? ... (8 replies)

Feb 23, 2007
... Igenex calls this a negative result on my test for both IGM and IGG. ... (14 replies)
Two different test
Jun 20, 2014
... Your IgM shows positive since you are "reactive on the 23 and the 41 band. ... (14 replies)
Advice on Doxy abx
Jan 12, 2007
... labs in the States were coming up positive, after initially being negative. The UK labs do not have the correct training in analysing for Lyme, Dr Owen the only Lyme Specialist that we have found in the UK actually sends his samples to the US for accurate testing! ... (10 replies)
... I thought I would give you a little more of an explanation on the IgM and IgG. IgM is the first antibody that is made in response to many infections, lyme included. This usually happens witin a few weeks after exposure. IgG kicks in after your body recongnizes and is supposedly fighting the illness. ... (8 replies)
Western Blot
Nov 29, 2004
... If I were you I would go forward with the intravenous antibiotics. You had a positive Elisa at one point which is more than a lot of us here on this board have had. ... (1 replies)
... s research on Lyme and have found that Lyme Disease is a very misunderstood and controversial disease. ... (17 replies)
Opinions needed...
Jun 22, 2011
... I am an avid outdoors enthusiast. In my lifetime, I have pulled more ticks off of me, then I dare to take a guess at. ... (2 replies)
... dollars out of my own pocket because I had no insurance. That changed in December 2006. I now pay a monthly premium because I knew then I was seriously ill. ... (19 replies)
Sep 13, 2006
... of cases. The more accurate test, the Western Blot, is still not completely reliable and is generally only given if you have a positive ELISA. Which makes no sense at all but there you have it. So in other words a negative test does NOT always mean that you don't have Lyme. ... (11 replies)
... ought that it was probably Lime disease, took a blood test, and gave me 10 days of Doxycycline 100mg 2x Dailey. My doctor told me that the test would probably be negative ,but if it was indeed Lyme,the Doxy would kill it. After about 3 days I felt much better. After the 10 days I was back to my old self. ... (18 replies)
... I really feel for you and your son. It's very frustrating. Even when you do test positive for lyme, as I found out, you still get an attitude. Yesterday I was giving a dr. my history and said I was being treated for lyme and the sarcasm began. ... (11 replies)
... has been negative. If it turns out my results are positive I will add my story to the update thread, if they are negative I know this thread will go off into the land of misplaced threads. ... (11 replies)
... I understand your fear of testing positive for Lyme. If you do test positive, please know that Lyme is curable! It is not cancer or the AIDS Virus. At least you know what you are dealing with and you can get the proper treatment. ... (9 replies)
Bit on Saturday
Nov 1, 2015
... Presence of a rash trumps a negative test. Lyme tests are notoriously unreliable. What are you going to do if the test is negative? ... (3 replies)
... We are just getting what seems like more real help. It started Aug 2008 with a high fever and head pain. ER found meningitis, then we went back the next day when he was head to toe bullís-eyes. 6 weeks of oral meds and he was feeling a bit better. This is the test after this past week when I got him to go back to the doctor. Lyme western blot: Component ... (1 replies)
... body jerks while falling asleep, ringing in ears, testicular pain, fatigue, sleeplessness. All of these symptoms come and go, could be for gone for days or weeks then they return for weeks or longer ? ... (2 replies)
New News
Aug 18, 2007
... My first appt. with my LLMD was like a whirlwind. I felt like it was that timed dating thing where you get five minutes to say as much as you possibly can, and then it's over. If it was me I would listen to Dr. ... (19 replies)

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