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... vomiting and abdominal pain and bloating that led to a diagnosis of a fructose intolerance and joint pain, my 14 year old daughter was also diagnosed as having Lyme Disease based on the same three criteria as myself. ... (7 replies)
... From some of the other post I have read on this board, Igenex Lab in CA is the leading lab for Lymes testing. This is the lab that the LLMD I will be seeing uses. ... (4 replies)
... prandial insulin levels,Total Salivary SIgA and Gliadin Ab,SIga. My endo put me on the preg. because I didn't want to take the Cortef because of the Lyme disease. ... (82 replies)

... Hello, ticker, you seem so helpful, and I thought I'd copy and paste a post I had left here a few days ago, as well as a follow up post I left today. As you can tell, I'm still a little concerned about my symptoms. Perhaps you could tell me what you think. ... (11 replies)
... Many people with lyme disease never test positive.This is why clinical symptoms are the primary diagnostic tool. Please read the sticky post at the top of this lyme board titled "Lyme Newbies" for more information about this, where to get properly tested and the type of specialist you should be seeing. ... (4 replies)
... added a 2nd ABX today. I am not doing so hot in every form possible. I have been on as many as 4 ABX's daily at one given time. Positive Lyme test, positive Erichliosis and here I sit 1 year later giving up hope. ... (14 replies)
... I have been having some weird symptoms for a couple of years now. ... (0 replies)
... Your post was extremely well written. I would print what you wrote and take it to a guidance counselor at school or some other adult you can trust and get along well with. ... (21 replies)
... ing through previous posts and keep coming across Dr. J's name. I'm only 3 hours from Wichita so I figure it would be worth my while to go see him in regards to Lyme Disease. ... (1 replies)
... You are extremely symptomatic for lyme and possible coinfections. ... (24 replies)
... From what I understand, steroids can make Lyme disease symptoms much worse. ... (5 replies)
Could it be lyme
Feb 9, 2005
... possibility. I know thyroid disorders can cause anxiety in some people, so maybe they can cause OCD as well. Thyroid disorders can cause numbness and the other symptoms you describe. Have your doctor run a thyroid panel. ... (10 replies)
... CNS board. I was wondering if Lyme disease is possible. I've been tested for it twice, both were negative and both were same type of test. Are there different type of tests to ask for? ... (5 replies)
... Please find an LLMD. Many people test negative for Lyme especially if they are not tested by a lab specializing in tick borne diseases. Lyme is a clinical diagnosis with testing used as back up. A bull's eye is definately Lyme disease regardless of what the test results were 9 years ago. ... (9 replies)
... I'm so sorry to hear yet another case of someone with lyme getting incorrect information and the runaround. Take a look at the sticky at the top of this board "Lyme Disease Information" as well as the other topics there. ... (3 replies)
... Also, I've noticed that not many guys post. As I was reading all the Lyme stories, I noticed that all fo the stories are from women. The one I saw that was posted from a man, he had mentioned his symptoms were mild. ... (7 replies)
... Sorry to contradict several post but lyme is found in the central nervous system meaning that it would be active in the spinal fluid I have had lyme since the age of 16 and have had 3 spinal taps come back positive for lyme . ... (12 replies)
Lyme rash?
Jul 1, 2008
... I came here to post an update. ... (10 replies)
Lyme symptoms
Dec 30, 2006
... her to a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor so they can start on the road to health.... ... (7 replies)
Possible lyme
Feb 7, 2006
... Welcome. Sorry to hear that you feel so bad. I had many of the symptoms you have. I also saw many many doctors before getting a diagnosis of Lyme disease. ... (32 replies)

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