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... and a postive Lyme western blot test. ... (1 replies)
... r back and heaviness in legs. I also have an intolerance to motion, such as elevators, escallators, and car rides. My blood tests have been normal except for one postive reading for lyme, and one postive ANA, however, I was negative on the western blot test. My doctors act like these postive blood test readings are nothing. ... (7 replies)
Lupus vs. Lyme
Nov 10, 2004
... Yes, Lyme is out there, its a fact. ... (17 replies)

... I found another LLMD. My first test was negative, but the second was sent to igenex and came back positive. I've also had about 6 tests prior to that, which were all negative. ... (6 replies)
Lyme Test
Dec 7, 2007
... My son has contracted lyme three times. He was put on 4 weeks of antibotics and about a week after finishing his med. He was retest and comes up postive again. The doc. said we will retest him again, just for your piece of mind, but it will eventually be neg. ... (12 replies)
... is a breakdown of the Western Blot bands. Posted on this site from a wonderfull lady by the name of Ticker. Find your bands. From what I see you have a case of Lyme disease. Remember that no Lyme test is accurate there are always false negatives and false positives. ... (5 replies)
... ctor keeps very good notes but dosen't say how he's treating your MS . This doctor was ready to treat MS just by reading another doctors notes. After I ask for test and the test came back clear ,I was told I should see a shrink. I went looking for a Lyme Literate Neuro as fast as I could. ... (10 replies)
... Hi. You will not always test postive when you have had Lymes before, or even if you have Lymes now. The Western Blot test can be flawed for Lymes and is not conclusive..there are too many false negatives. ... (2 replies)
... A quick update while I can still get online...(we move tomorrow...I'm lying on the floor...all furniture and stuff are gone save for the comp and tv and an a/c!) Sarah's test-Western Blot-came back postive for Lyme Disease-which we already knew she has, but at least this confirms it and we know she is getting the right treatment. This morn she complained of her face... (4 replies)
... I got a horrendous case of mono when I was upstate in college. Part of me thinks I had lyme also. ... (8 replies)
... Hi yourtroubl, Also wanted to let you know my MRI was the same. I was told could be stroke and later MS. No test including, spinal tap was showing anything. I did have a postive ELIAS test and after seeing 9 different doctors, Lyme treatment was started. ... (3 replies)
Lyme Test
Dec 12, 2007
... Hope63, Your son could be put on Cefzil, which is what I took. It appears to be safe for children. See here: From what you are saying, it appears that you need to chastise your doc and then fire him. Find a LLMD here: If your doc isn't being helpful, get another one... (12 replies)
Lyme Test
Dec 8, 2007
... He is having different symptons then he has had before. Yes he was tested for some of the other disease that you mentioned. HGA or Anaplamosis he was came back postive for but they refused to treat him because he is not showing signs. He is 6 and amoxicillian seems to be the drug of choice. ... (12 replies)
... I am totally baffled by how your Dr. could have ignored the results of the Bowen test! Very frustrating! There are just not enough Dr.'s who have a clue about Lyme disease. Most people on this board tested postive with the Ingenix Lab, but like you I had my postive with the Bowen test. ... (6 replies)
... We all know lyme disease and what causes it. We know little about CFIDS. Once you have been checked for the 50 differant causes of CFIDS and all your test results come back negitive, than they just lable you to CFIDS. In my case they added FM, even though I am a man that has always been in good shape. ... (8 replies)
... I was clinically diagnosed with Lyme disease in June. ... (4 replies)
... Im gona try to make this as short as I can but going to be a chore Im thinking. My test was POSTIVE so thats all fine and Im not disputing it at all. But this is where peeps with possible same story may shine for me. ... (9 replies)
... different strains of the Lyme spirokette. This is just one of the reasons testing for Lyme is not accurate. A person "does NOT" need to have a postive test by the CDC to be declared positive. ... (6 replies)
... There is controversary over this band. Some doctor's say it is a true sign of Lyme, where other's say that everyone test positive for this band. ... (2 replies)
Lyme Disease
Sep 24, 2013
... I feel for you. I too have lyme..postive Igenex but i live in Memphis and drs here dont beleive in Lyme even wi th a positive test. I have had so many test to rule other things out..all came back negative. ... (1 replies)

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