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... Gluten and dairy proteins are really hard to digest in general, my assumption is that Lyme makes this task even harder for your body to accomplish. I can't tell you how many people realized they were gluten intolerant because of Lyme disease. ... (14 replies)
... infections that comes along with lyme . ... (6 replies)
Neurologic lymes
Mar 6, 2008
... weeks but all of that is gone now . Thank goodness At that point of my lyme this post would have looked like a little kid had written it . I had shaking in my hands light and sound sensivtivity really bad . ... (10 replies)

... Please make sure to take some probiotics when you start your IV They are very important to maintain your intestinal tract I have done alot better with this since my lyme doc told me about them I had a surgery 3 years ago which got infected in the hospital and they gave me 21 days of IV while I had nothing but fluids and it killed all the good germs as well I suffered for two... (3 replies)
... Make sure you take the probiotics at least two hours before or after the antibiotics. ... (6 replies)
... what it was from. I told him that I thought I might have Lyme's Disease and he said, "Well, that would explain the swelling." So, I think that he's seen other Lyme patients who have the same problem. ... (7 replies)
... I'm just not sure about this guy. It's a starting point I guess.... he said of course to take probiotics in the healthfood store, but he doesn't market supps of all kinds....he doesn't believe in that , and thinks its just a way for some of these docs to make money. ... (3 replies)
... Bubbalyme. I would be more worried about the amox. than the Biaxin. amox is not an ideal med for Lyme it can cause the lyme to go into the cell walls and hide until you stop taking it, and then imerge and multiply. ... (5 replies)
Extreme fatigue...
Sep 12, 2006
... It would be a good idea to get your thyroid checked. Hashimotos hypothyroid is seen often in lyme patients. It's almost impossible to have any energy if your thyroid is not working properly. ... (5 replies)
... sent by a neurologist who found antigens of Lyme in my spinal tap and the Infectious Disease person at our local hospital who okay'd the I.V. ... (2 replies)
... D Our day will come. The kids were lucky you were right on top of the lyme so you could get them a "quick fix". ... (5 replies)
It's a bad time...
Mar 15, 2005
... elped with my nerve pain. I also take a good multi vit and fish oil which is good for the heart and joints... I do not think supplements alone will do much for lyme either but it is what lyme is doing to your insides that the supplements help with. ... (9 replies)
... I'm on 4 different Lyme-specific homeopathic remedies, a metallic strip card that goes against my skin, some herbal Lyme and liver treatment, colon cleanse, probiotics, anti-hepatitis and anti-fungal remedies and just yesterday my homeopath made me a customized concoction geared to fight off my own personal buggies. I gotta tell you-if feeling crumby is how we determine that... (16 replies)
... Hello Lomotta77, Glad that you have posted, I always look forward to your insights. I find they usually reveal something that I was scared to face. The picture painted by my Doctor is honest and hard to face. There is not cure for Lyme. There is no conclusive that you have it (and LYME is currently being defined as up to 100 virus parasites and bacteria &... (16 replies)
... had alot of improvement after that! My original lyme tests were an Elisa in Sept. ... (7 replies)
... Ticker, thank you for recommending the book Everything you need to know about lyme disease. I read it over the weekend. ... (8 replies)
... day of Biaxin. I also am taking 4 Probiotics a day. ... (5 replies)
... We also need supplements to raise the immune system, probiotics for our intestines. Back off sugar and yeast. ... (3 replies)
... Right now I am going to a Lyme Specialist who has me on 3 different types of antibiotics including doxy, flagl, and Metra... ... (3 replies)
Feb 11, 2013
... Hi lala52, i got epstein barr,esophagic candida, balance issues,lightheadedness,sinus,digestive issues,weakness,dry mouth,all these in the last two months, i think ebv has a lot to do with these,but doctors are clueless (3 replies)

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