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... My LLMD uses a pulsed, rotating regimen. I take a combination of 2 abx for a 3 week period, adding Flagyl twice a day during the third week. The fourth week I am off all meds and after that the cycle starts again with a different abx combo. ... (12 replies)
I.M. Rocephin
Jul 12, 2006
... My LLMD has been discussing this with me. It would be a combination of Rocephin injections 3 times a week combined with oral minocin and pulsed Flagyl. I understand they've seen very good results with this. ... (2 replies)
... How do you know you have staff? What did it look like: (12 replies)

... my first picc line was put in couple months ago. Problems develped after 4 days , but I stayed on Rocephin until the end of the week. Put me on flagyl for c diff infection and then developed staff infection and had to have the line pulled. I had 2nd picc line placed Nov 4. ... (12 replies)
PICC line people
Nov 10, 2005
... t do a treatment because of all the pain, don't call her just skip that day. I am to only take what my body will take. If all goes well the first week, I add flagyl the 2 wk pulsed the same days. ... (279 replies)
... Ceftin has worked well with little herxing. I requested to combo the Zithromax with Flagyl as I'd read much good results in past threads and Crist agreed. ... (14 replies)
How to pulse
Jul 12, 2005
... Hello Everyone, Has anyone pulsed their antibiotics 3 day's on-2 day's off? I'm currently on my second round of Flagyl w/Biaxin. The first round of Flagyl really knocked me down (major vertigo/pain, etc...) I'm trying to avoid that if at all possible because my daughter made the All Star team and I would like to attend her games. I put in a call to my Dr. office with... (8 replies)
Sc Llmd
Jan 29, 2008
... l the Dr's I had been to and I had a Picc line in 2 weeks later. I did IV Rocephin and Zith for three months. Line was pulled because it backed it self out. Then pulsed orals Mepron, Omnicef and Flagyl for 3 more months. ... (12 replies)
... Actually Dr Jemsek stopped by on his way back from Raleigh yesterday. He had been telling me he needed some koi for his water garden. He was here for maybe 2 hrs. He said the conditions were pretty fair except that he has to have a postive result to treat. And we know how accurate lyme testing is. Not sure how he will handle that. He can treat with IVs for 60 days... (8 replies)
... Hi, I think the one you are referring to that "opens up the cell" is actually the one that is used to kill the cystic form of Lyme. Except it is the bacteria, rather than cells, that it "opens up" so to speak. One unusual thing about the Lyme organism, Borrelia burgdorferi, is its ability to change form to evade a hostile environment, such as antibiotics. They do this by... (7 replies)
... for two weeks, added Flagyl the third week, and took the 4th week off. ... (15 replies)
... Rocephin 1 round and Primaxin 2 rounds. Both of these had to be pulsed as well since I couldnt' tolerate them. ... (34 replies)
... l and then when i did it was slight, that wasn't until after a few weeks later of coming off of my last round of another iv med, primaxin. come to think of it i pulsed that one too. i could only handle one dose in the AM instead of the rxed 2, and then i could only do it every other day. ... (8 replies)
PICC line people
Nov 2, 2005
... I had a feeling something was going on with you that wasn't very nice. I think a lot of people have pulsed the IV and I often wonder if my liver enzymes wouldn't have gone crazy if the ID doctor had done that with me. If you read Dr. ... (279 replies)
... to see an LLMD who knows how to dose you. For instance mine has me on two different antibiotics at attack lyme intercelluarly and outercelluarly then flagyl pulsed to attack the cysts. ... (13 replies)

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