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... Thank you! I have been through so much and just thought it was all unrelated illnesses...then I remembered about the stuff with the possible Lyme 8 or 10 years ago. I just want answers. I hope my doctor has knowledge or there is one close by that does. Thank you for your advice. If anyone has any knowledge about SC doctors let me know..... (8 replies)
... NOT as diseases. There is no doubt that people diagnosed with these things are suffering...but most likely from other undiagnosed illnesses...many times LYME! Please...dont settle on this. ... (10 replies)
... Hello again Takemylife, I can't believe I am almost done with 1 bottle of Oleda's Veggi Greens Plus Powder, wow! Time to order more! I can now do the 2 mile aerobic walk using weights, and I really believe that the Oleda product has helped me with that as well as the detox baths. My goal is to accomplish the 3 mile aerobic walking! I received the Pilates Tapes... (30 replies)

... Takemylife uses that herb and writes about it in the post "My Answer for Lyme and Many Other Undiagnosed Illnesses", it's a great thread to read and I refer to it often. ... (35 replies)
... Hi Takemylife: I purchased the Oleda veggie greens plus in the powder form about a month ago and I feel like I have way more energy since I started using this. Thanks for letting us know about it. Frango (30 replies)
... The are "Oleda" Veggie caps, (30 replies)
... Dear Takemylife~~I am new to the forums~~ But I also have been told I have Lyme's after knwoing for several years something was wrong with me~~ My Dr. is treating me with NAC,Flora VC-7,Silymarin,AG Immune & Cat's Claw~~~ But I am very interested in the veggie capsule's that I have been reading about in your post's~~~ What brand do you take ?? where can I get them?? It has... (30 replies)
... Hi Takemylife, All I can say is your words just brought tears to my eyes. Anytime you need to talk, you know we are here for you! Hugs and Blessings to you and your family, Denise (30 replies)
... I am really glad it helps. I'll never be able to pay you back for all the wonderful advice back about six weeks ago. I was so terrified of losing my family and you helped me get through that. (30 replies)
... Hi Takemylife, Was wondering how you were. I just wanted to thank you for recommending the Oleda Veggie Greens Plus, I felt a difference from that product within a couple of days for the better! I use the powder form as I believe that liquids absorb better compared to capsules. Anyway, thanks! Denise (30 replies)
... Sorry, did you mean Panax? The doc in the book stated they have completely different actions. I think everyone should always check with their doc first before taking medication of any kind of course. Again, this is the supplement used towards the very end when you feel like you finally are bringing the disease under control but havent quite reached the end. It was... (30 replies)
... A word of caution about ginseng. If you have a lot of heat in your body the American ginseng would be a better choice than the Siberian. A Chinese OMD (oriental medical doctor) would be qualified to take your pulses and determine which is best, but also most of us already know whether or not this is the case. I just mention because I know a lot of people who post here are like... (30 replies)
... If the disease is completely "bled" out of the immune system and all the organs are working in harmony again, there should not be any flare ups. The tough thing with Lyme disease is, you live through such torture. When you see fifty percent improvement, you think you are cured and have occaisional flare ups. Its hard to recall what it felt like to be completely well. ... (30 replies)
... Take my life, Glad to hear of your success. Sorry if I missed this but is this regime something you devised for yourself or was it suggested by a practitioner? If the latter, who? I have gone as long as 9 months without a "flare" but invariably they do return. The most beneficial program for me has been using Chinese boiling herbs and I use them in conjunction with my... (30 replies)
... Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. It took my 14 months of pushing the poisons/bacteria out with the vegetable capsules, then the Andrographis. 14 months of daily detox baths to keep up with all of the poisons as they came out. And finally about six weeks ago, when I was feeling I had enough control over the disease to move to the next step, I took the Eleuthero. ... (30 replies)
... takemylife: Feeling horrible but I wanted to say that I read this post many times. It was a hit iwth me. I am humbled by the courage and strength you have to fight this battle. I hope I can hang in there as well as you are. (30 replies)
... Dear TML, When I was seeing the acupuncture doctor from China she spoke of chi many times. I know this is something she was trying to straighten out. I have wanted to go back to her for quite some time but all the meds are eating up the purse. I do have to say she had me doing better than anybody else. Maureen (30 replies)
... As I've been getting better and this "poision" is coming out of me, I notice I can re-circulate energy now. In the past the only time I could recoup would be when I slept. If I did something in the yard, sitting on the couch for lunch would not help. Thats it, I was done for the day. Now I can sit for that half hour and I can actually make more energy from that rest... (30 replies)
... Hi takemylife: I echo what Maureen said. I had written down the information that you posted and had planned on looking into it. All the information on this website is sooo helpful. Frango (30 replies)
... Dear takemylife, Please don't feel as though you aren't helping people when you post your info. Nine times out of ten I end up printing it for a doctor. I think a lot of us on here are on meds that are kicking our butts though and we don't respond just digest the info. When I saw Dr. Crist 2 weeks ago I told him about the Healing Lyme book by Stephen Buhner because he... (30 replies)

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