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... and was devastated right along with you when you relapsed. I wonder if doctor Z can tell you how long you will have to wait before you know when you have beaten Lyme after stopping his procedure. You seem to be well prepared when you go to see any doctor and hope you will continue to be our "hero". ... (42 replies)
... I have been having daily migraines, insomnia, brain fog and fatigue for 6 years. Positive Western Blot 5 yrs ago resulted in 8 months of oral anti-biotics but no relief of symtoms. My CD57 did increase from 24 to 47 though. Since then have tried every alternative therapy under the sun - no improvement. Read Dr. Schaller's book Babesia and now think I have coinfections as well... (4 replies)
... Hi Binod, You can certainly order good lyme books off the internet at sites which sell books among other things. Some of these books have a wonderful amount of info on a comprehensive treatment plan. That way, you would certainly be helped by being well informed.......some good authors other than the book mentioned above by Ticker are Bryan Rosner, Dr. Zhang, Stephen Buhner... (4 replies)

... morning thinking about calling my accupunturist to see what she says. I want to ask her if treatment would be any different now that I know we are dealing with lyme and not MS. ... (12 replies)
... I have been doing Chinese boiling herbs for years and my experience has been that this is a superior form of healing (and I've tried a lot). The idea behind Chinese/Oriental medicine is to restore balance to the body. Since receiving the Lyme diagnosis I saw my practitioner (in NYC) last week to get herbs specific for my symptoms and Lymes. My concern about abx is that it is... (12 replies)
... Dear Kim, I do know he is referred to in the back of S. Buhner's book Healing Lyme. I remember talking to my acupuncture doctor one time and she was telling me that chinese herbs stay in the body for weeks at a time unlike western medicine so maybe you don't have to take as much. I may have to call her and ask her about this doctor. I'm sure she would know. Her daughter... (12 replies)
... on. I have never taken hormones and with all the bad publicity was really glad I hadn't. If what you say is right then my hormones could be screwed up from the lyme too and that was why he was getting that reading about them with the magnets. ... (15 replies)
... This includes Lyme Disease!!! ... (7 replies)
... Think about it, the J Clinic says antibiotics, have the Perscriptions here... but haven't filled them yet. I feel okay, for a lyme patient, not a normal person, but have some spells that scare me a bit, not sure if herx or relapse so I hold on to the herbals for right now. ... (5 replies)
... They took me to the ER which before I was diganosed I ran to many times through the years, I would know walking in there now, they no nothing that can help Lyme patients and would lie down and stick a flag in it, before going to that goon ball hall! ... (42 replies)
... There are times of hoplessness, then hope, then doubts, regrits, being lost, confused, but the one thing I have not beein able to do with Lyme is find a true focus point to hold on to. ... (42 replies)
... It sounds like you have a great doc. I am doing better then i have been in 8 years. I only used the cats claw for a short period of time. Maybe that would be beneficial in addition to my current protocal. Right now, I am seeing so much of a toxic response from my body in the form of shakes and itchiness, there is no point for me to use anything else. Eventually when I've... (15 replies)
... Yes I am still doing Zhang's treatment but it dosn't seem to hold back the disease. Had to go back to antibiotics or I was in big trouble... (13 replies)
... Zhang's treatment is good there is something to it, but the antibiotics are causing a much stronger herx... I will continue his treatment I think it is just another angle.... (9 replies)
... Not really sure yet on how well I'm doing. Yes I do feel better. Not sure but believe I may have suffered perminent damage from the Lyme (which I can live with) but don't know yet if this is how I will feel or getting better? Do know that the Antibiotics, second day, and I am herxing on them... So this leaves me to believe I may have another long round of them coming up.... (42 replies)
... PS. My last Lyme Test where Negitive from the Jemsek Clinic, first time this has happend since I've tested positive almost 16 months ago... ... (42 replies)
... Jon my wife and I are eating it also. One full clove last night. Tell you what wasn't feeling so hot before eating (herxing I think) but the shock of that stuff gave me a good kick in the rear... This is the only way my wife can kiss me, even talk to me, is if we eat raw garlic together, it goes with everything. We are getting many laughes out of this, my uncle nearly... (42 replies)
... As far ast the term hyperthermia, i just received a lyme protocol from an alternative doc here in town tht includes that word along with all other types of approaches, ie. ... (42 replies)
... And if you have heard of his herbal treatments do you know anyone using it. I spoke with the doctor he explained he didn't expect the Antibiotics to help me very much, as the brain membrain will not allow antibiotics to pass through into the brain. I have made an appointment just to speak with him for some information. And right after I see him a week later I go to... (42 replies)
... See the Zhang post... ... (16 replies)

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