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... I believe that Bartonella is often treated with Levaquin. If you have not done so, I recommend reading Dr. ... (4 replies)
Jan 20, 2007
... If you have been on Zithromax and Mepron, is sounds like you have Babesiosis. How long did you take it? ... (6 replies)
... Hi jojo. How do you manage to keep such a good attitude with all you've been through in your life? You are an ispriration. I slept most of christmas then went to my parents for dinner. Usually we have 15-20 people (my whole family) but this year no one got together. It was weird. My dad spent the day sleeping in his chair in front of the TV so my mom and I had a... (3 replies)

... Hi dlm248. What dose of Zithromax are you taking? ... (2 replies)
... Ehrlichiosis invades and infects the different white blood cells. The best med for this is Doxycycline in the right dose. Bartonella is also known as cat scratch fever. I believe it is often treated with Levaquin. Mycoplasma is similiar to pneumonia. ... (4 replies)
... cine I received at home. I wonder about the difference of opinions too. He did say he only likes to use it as a last resort. I don't hear of to many people on Zithromax though. He did say that the Zithro would work on the Bartonella too. ... (10 replies)
Good News-I hope
May 25, 2006
... Both types of Ehrlichiosis and Mycoplasma are treated with Doxy, but it has to be in the proper dose. I believe Bartonella is often treated with Levaquin. ... (2 replies)
... now for two weeks and am still not under control again with these symtpoms. The medication that you mentioned would be like Zithromax in the U.S. ... (14 replies)
... Jules :wave: I just wrote this and posted and it got hung up and was somehow lost. I don't know!!!! But I will try to remember all I said. First, I do have the black eyes. I have these often. Its always when I'm at my worse. Last Mon I started new meds clinda, zithromax ivs & mepron nasty liquid. the mepron is for babesia. They told me this round of meds would hit... (19 replies)
... Maureen, let me know on the rifampin on bartonella as that may be in my future. ... (37 replies)
... Hi FotoMom - Sorry your are having such a rough time. I have taken the doxy/levaquin combo. I herxed a bit on it - think I had bartonella. Levaquin was the only thing (well and zithromax too) that would get rid of the UTIs I got before knowing I was dealing with lyme and coinfections. You will get better...just a temporary setback. Don't stop believeing ;) ... (4 replies)
... My son starts zithromax again and in January we both go back for a visit. The doctor would've had us in today, but it was late notice for me and I was already on the road. ... (18 replies)
... scratch fever ten years ago. You definitely should have been treated for it! Bartonella can cause swollen lymph nodes in different areas of the body. I bet when you get it resolved, you will respond better to treatment for Lyme. ... (18 replies)
... My husband has seen 2 of these doctors. He saw Adler-Klein last year referred by his neurologist after 2 years of lyme like symptoms, MRIs showing nothing wrong, a spinal tap that was normal and 2 false positive lyme tests. Adler-Klein said that she did not think it was lyme but after another western blot came back with false positive she said that should not happen more... (14 replies)
... I take Zithromax and Mepron. ... (0 replies)
New diagnosis
Apr 25, 2005
... those tests came back positive. So now I take doxy, zithromax and atovaquone. I live in CT so I guess everybody has these problems with Lyme DX. Occupation vet tech meant Ringworm. Age meant joint pain was arthritis. ... (21 replies)
... Testing is a little more complicated that just requesting a test. Your doctor needs to know what he is doing. I would suggest going to a Lyme dr to get the test. Let me give you an example of my test. I was put on Zithromax (because I am allergic to the more preferable meds) before testing. The idea being in later stage Lyme the bacteria are hanging out in muscle tissue and... (2 replies)
... Sound like Babesiosis to me too. I had nausea for over a year and the last 6 months it was constant. I lost a lot of weight and hardly ate much but mepron and zithromax did the trick. Babesiosis is tough and patients are 3 to 4 times sicker according to Dr. H. ... (6 replies)
... ease but glad you found this is full of wonderful and supportative people. I am glad that you have seen a window of wellness for a few days after the Zithromax that is very encouraging. Getting well is not easy and at times you have to accept that there will be days when you feel worse. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Coyotecrazy, welcome to the board :) I just answered a long reply and it vanished! Argh. I will try to sum up my response before it happens again. Unfortunately, Lyme disease is a very misunderstood disease. Although it is the second fastest growing infectious disease in the US after AIDS, little is being done to educate the public and medical community. It is in... (14 replies)

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