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... as well as the western blot test done from a reputable company .You can find out about the testing labs on line Igenex in ca is one There is not a true test for lyme as of yet just different markers and Lyme literate doctors will treat by symptoms and the markers. ... (10 replies)
... Hi lymesgal. I think if you see any Lyme knowledgeable doctor, they will help you like other doctors cannot. There are not many Lyme doctors in the country, and many people need to travel to see one. ... (24 replies)
Nov 14, 2006
... were very, very hard on my body and my liver and I will never take either of them again in my life. Also, the combination that I had the most progress with was zithromax with plaquenil. ... (6 replies)

... y could get into all over the country before somoeone asked them if they had been tested for Lyme. They had not been tested and went immediately to a pediatrican lyme doctor in Conneticut. He then diagnosed them and sent them back to Georgia to finish treatment through this doctor I am seeing. ... (8 replies)
... Babesiosis is treated at the same time as Lyme, although my doctor recommends getting the Babs under control before beginning iv. The Zithromax will kill Lyme bacteria. Be aware that improvement rarely happens quickly and it may take a long time to see a significant difference. ... (19 replies)
... like properties, in other words it can and does kill lyme just like a quinone based antibiotic. ... (7 replies)
... Because of my neurologic Lyme damage, I fall a lot and use a "HUGO" which has hand brakes, handles to walk and push the wheels with and a seat. ... (38 replies)
... I tested positive for Lyme IgG antibodies, Babesia, and Ehrlichiosis. UGH! ... (4 replies)
... The doctor in Springfield, MO is Dr. C and his patients rave about him. Lyme doctors are just Lyme literate medical doctors called LLMD's. ... (4 replies)
... Mark was Dx Jan. 2004 thru Dr. Bach and IgenX labs with Lyme and babesiosis. ... (9 replies)
Need Help!
May 19, 2011
... s. I was given a full neurological and endocrine work up in the hospital. They found nothing and released me. When my dog and my brother were both diagnosed with lyme through routine standard labs in the following months, I knew it couldn't be coincidence. I then visited my first LLMD who tested me using the Igenex lab. ... (2 replies)
... term antibiotics. On the other hand is the group that feels many, many, many symptoms are the result of Lyme disease, and that it should be treated with months or years of antibiotics. ... (3 replies)
My update...
Aug 23, 2008
... (5 replies)
My update...
Aug 21, 2008
... ome and go. But yea idk, im just really really out of it all the time. Tommorrow is my 21st birthday and also my 3 year aniversary of having lyme. I called my lyme dr. and he wants to see me ASAP!! ... (5 replies)
... Hang in there! I was on IV Rocephin and IV Zithromax for a year. ... (3 replies)
... You stated that you've been off the zithromax for a while now. ... (14 replies)
... me I thought it sounded exactly like the visual acuity test Dr. Crist gave me. I failed it miserably by the way and it was part of the reason he felt sure I had lyme disease. ... (6 replies)
... Hi ktinbk. I believe one possible side effect of Zithromax can be ringing in the ears. You should let your doctor know. ... (7 replies)
Neurologic lymes
Mar 6, 2008
... infection for 3 years and I feel much better. I was on IV Rocephin and IV Zithromax for 9 months. ... (10 replies)
... Hi Jeanine36 Don' t worry about what you think is complaining You are just gtetting out your frustration to a neutral party as far as I am concerned . I don't look at it as complaining I don't understand sometimes how some people don't think of others in a time of need when just a simple thing like going to the store five minutes a way wouldn't be a real challenge for... (28 replies)

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