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... Hi Chantel. Lyme can cause anxiety in some people. It sounds like the Zithromax is stirring things up. ... (12 replies)
Dec 3, 2006
... Hi eclipse27. Zithromax is one of many antibiotics used to treat Lyme. There is no one best med for everyone. Each case is different and so is the response to the meds. ... (5 replies)
Zithromax & Iron
Apr 20, 2005
... open. He calls me once a month on a designated day for a phone appointment and I have to travel to see him every 3 months. But he is suppose to be one of the top Lyme docs in the world so I'm not complaining. ... (5 replies)

... Fri. And her current medication is zithromax 500mg 2x a day, 7 days a week, and Tindamax 750mg 2x day for 14 days. ... (5 replies)
... telvock43, Zithromax is often prescribed to treat Lyme disease. It can take some time to determine if an antibiotic is working. I think it is very possible you are herxing. ... (1 replies)
... Can or does Zithromax also irradicate babesia? ... (1 replies)
Aug 30, 2008
... you can do is have them done and see. I went untreated for Babesia cause my test would come out pending. I went many many years after I started being treated for lyme undiagnoised for Babesia....still had major sweats, and couldn't breathe really well.... ... (7 replies)
... yea you sounded pretty bad last night. I felt horrible today, only one zithromax a day just isnt doing the job, i need atleast 2. Alwell, keep in mind lyme kinda is like a'll get sick, you may feel alil better then youll get sick again. So i wouldnt wait to long, i'd call your dr. ... (8 replies)
... Since you feel conflicted, you may want to see a Lyme doctor for an evaluation. Then you can decide what direction is best for you. ... (4 replies)
... of different feelings of what this test really means. I do know however that it definately only has to do with Lyme. It detects the Natural Killer Cells and only Lyme effects them. ... (3 replies)
... ps I did have the pcr done at igenex but it was done by tissue from my recently removed gallbladder and did show it was in my dna still after over 18 months of treatment but I know I have made such progress so the tratment is worth the risk My thoughts are make sure to get tested for the co-infections because without treatment for those as well recovery is questionable they... (12 replies)
... irror and half my face was 'frozen' with bells paulsey. I've never been so scared. After that the dr's DID listen. I was sent off with an extremely high dose of Zithromax and an appt with an infectious disease specialist. I went to that appt, he wanted to do a spinal tap if my Bells didn't clear. 3 days before, it did. ... (13 replies)
... Hi Mike. Lyme disease can cause the symptoms you describe. ... (4 replies)
... test. My cfs doc suggested doxy for the babesia, but I know that is the wrong meds for that. I feel I prob. need mepron and zithromax for the babesia first, then take the biaxin and palquenil after for the probable chronic lyme. Damn, If I can only write my own prescriptions lol. ... (21 replies)
... No help. The patch just made my skin numb. I am constantly icing or applying heat. I don't know what to do or which type of doctor to see. I was hoping the zithromax would loosen things up if it was the lyme. ... (12 replies)
... Hi Ryan, I also have neurological lyme, but am doing much, much better now especially with those symptoms relating to the brain. The way I understand it, the particular antibiotic is not as significant as the actual dose. It's the high doses that cross the blood/brain barrier. For example, when I was on doxycycline, I took 600 mg a day, not the more common 200mg. Now that... (6 replies)
... Hi Angela, I am allergic to penicillin also and did not respond with ceftin. Doxy is one of the top choices for initial treatment of lyme and I had plenty of herxing on doxy. Where did you read that it doesn't kill spirochetes? ... (5 replies)
... nce, extremely low blood pressure, circulation issues, and dizziness...I tested positive for babesia, ehrlichia and lyme...we treated the babesia with Mepron and Zithromax my first month of treatment and by week 2 the palpitations and thumping of my heart disappated as well as the dizziness... ... (5 replies)
... I have been taken Chitosan and I brought one type the last time, this time they where out of it and purchased a second type, called Fat Burner Chitosan, for Lyme it is not any where as effective as the first. Threw the bottles away and now have to look for them. ... (4 replies)
... I just did a search on Lyme organisations in my area. and I found this post by a girl named Carryon it it goes well with the post I JUST made above. ... (14 replies)

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