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... Hi Rodney99. Currently I am on Levaquin (for Bartonella co-infection), plaquenil and IV Zithromax. Over the past three years, I have tried Omnicef, Ceftin, Biaxin, Doxycyline, IV Rocephin, Tindamax and Malarone. There may be a few more I tried, but I can't remember - :) Each person responds differently to antibiotics. It depends on how long you were infected, which... (12 replies)
... Hey Ticker, I will keep my appointment with him but insist he check me for co-infections or I will go to another doctor..........period. I am not letting someone mess with my health like that. All this came from his PA so I will find out for sure next week when I go. My herxes were VERY intense. I guess that's why he said I should have stopped. It messed with my head... (12 replies)
... Hi Chantel. I know of only one other Lyme doctor who does not test for co-infections, and I would not recommend him either. It does not make sense not to test for them when so many people have them. In my opinion, in order to get the best treatment, you need to know what all is present so you can get treated accordingly. I think it would be beneficial for you to get... (12 replies)

Symptoms lyme?
Apr 19, 2007
... Hi Beachgirl. I am sorry about your infusions and that you are getting worse. I had a severe case of Babesiosis and had to treat it long-term more than once. Going through treatment for it was horrible. I took Mepron and Zithromax. Does your doctor feel it is imporant to eradicate the co-infections first? (45 replies)
... inflammatory. I take it with zithromax and it seems to be a working combination for me. I have had significantly less pain sense taking this. ... (10 replies)
... Three days later we went to another doctor, while on vacation in Canada, because her glands on her neck just down from the bite were swollen. He gave her zithromax and it didn't change anything. ... (21 replies)
... Hi Free2BeFussy, I would like to jump in here & suggest you talk to the doctor to make sure she doesn't or probably shouldn't stay on the Tindamax too long. I was recently put on Tindamax, for the same reason, & researched it a bit before taking it; I do it with every drug I'm prescribed before use. The following is what I found on the Tindamax website. "Metronidazole, a... (5 replies)
... it, just no milk products or anything with calcium. You also might consider a different antibiotic if you are not able to take doxy. I also take plaquenil with zithromax and that is a very effective combination. Occasionally I also switch to flagyl. That is supposed to attack the cyst form of the parasite. ... (4 replies)
Lyme perscriptions
Jan 28, 2005
... Doxycycline 400mg (works) Zithromax 500mg (works) Plaquenil 400mg (works) not sure what else I will take... I see the LLMD 2/19 :) (4 replies)
... I had heart palpitations and irregular heartbeats for years before my diagnosis. The problems are gone now after taking 600 mg doxy along with 500mg zithromax and 200mg plaquenil. Doxy is usually very effective, it would be good to give it a try if that's what you're doctor is recommending. ... (5 replies)
... ok the doxy it all went away unfortunately I was not under a doctor's care and I herxed really badly so I discontinued taking it...I am now taking the mepron and zithromax to first get the babesiosis under control...I am hoping though to go back on the doxy at some point and maybe lose these stomach issues... ... (7 replies)
Nov 3, 2004
... The bottle says can be taken with food or without,however I just finished everything you ever wanted to know about lyme and it says to take on an empty stomach. ... (13 replies)
C pneumoniae
Nov 24, 2004
... m concerned. My friend has lyme by igenex standards shes actually only missing the cdc diagnosis by one band which is equivocal instead of positive. ... (2 replies)
... I was diagnosed with late stage lyme disease while I was pregnant. ... (5 replies)
... at I am not a doctor, so cannot diagnose. I can only share my own experiences and the knowledge I have gathered during more than a year of treatment for chronic Lyme disease. Others have already given you great advice, i.e. ... (4 replies)
... f happened so I decided to save myself the doctor fee since my mom always had amoxy on hand in case the farm animals needed it. This probably did help keep the lyme at bay some what and doctors would have never figured it out anyway. Although I should have long before I did especially since I lost my horse to lyme in 1992. ... (34 replies)
... It sounds like this is what you need done. You should find out what exactly Lyme or meds or whatever are doing to your body, so you can take properly treat it. ... (2 replies)
... I just started treatment this week. My doctor has initially put me on Zithromax and I go on Monday to have a PICC line put in to start on Rocephin. ... (2 replies)
... felt like I was hit by 10 mac trucks. Zithromax is expensive to stay on for sure. Doxy was at the tail end prior to my getting IV. ... (3 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear how badly you have been feeling. Approximately how long have you been diagnosed since you have had been exposed to the lyme . I ask because sometimes it takes as long as being exposed to recover . ... (1 replies)

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