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Well, I got the tonsils taken out (which wasn't that bad). The doc biopsed them and the biopsy didn't show anything.

The doc has still not been able to palpate the "nearly 2cm" node that showed on the CT scan, and assumed that it had went down. I still have a smaller node on the left side of my neck, which is palpable. The doc felt it, at my request, and he said that it didn't concern him because it was "soft, mobile, and small." It is relatively soft, but it wasn't there before... and it doesn't seem to be going away... going on 5 months now.

Now, last week, I started to have night sweats. I am running fevers intermittently and am very fatigued. At night, I wake up with chills, then get all bundled up and then I guess the fever breaks and I wake up all sweaty and clammy. This has happened a few times now.

I don't know what to do. The doctor is insisting that he can't find anything wrong with me, I've had a CT scan of the upper chest, head/neck (which showed the enlarged jugular digastric node, plus a few other posterior cervical nodes which were not clinically enlarged, but the radiologist noted them), I've had my tonsils out and biopsied, I've had liver function tests, CBC with differential all normal, and I've had Epstein Barr tests which show that I have raised levels of IGG and IGM - I guess showing a chronic infection... what now?

I could ask him to biopsy the smaller lymph node, but he seems to think that it is small and insignificant (and, what if it's not the real problem!). Maybe I'm not asking him the right questions? Or, not asking for the right tests? Or, is this all Epstein Barr virus and I am simply overreacting?

Thanks in advance to everyone for the great advice.

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