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FNA results?
Feb 1, 2002
I have been seeing my ENT for the last few months and they are scratching their heads to figure out what the problem is. I feel that they are drawing for straws at this point, so I figured I would ask this board what they think. In September I had pain in my lymph nodes on the side of neck just below my jaw. I had a throat infection about a week prior. I went to my PCP and she gave me antibiotics. They didn't bring down the swelling in the lymph nodes at all. She then did a run of blood tests to check for mono and lupus which both came back negative. She did a CBC and my white cell count came back a little low, but my monocytes on the differential were high. That is when she referred me to the first ENT. He looked down my throat and immediately came up with lingual tonsilitus and said they needed to come out. I opted for a second opinion because I had a tonsillectomy at four years old. When I went for the second opinion, which was about four months since the beginning of the swelling they looked and said that yes my tonsils were there and they did look enlarged. However, they wanted to get at the root of the problem. They ran another CBC and a diptheria/TB test. The diptheria/TB test came back negative and my white cells did make a recovery and were back in the normal range. The sent me for a CT scan and the scan showed that I had a few calcified lymph nodes. The largest one is on the right and just above a scar from a surgery on an abcess from 12 years ago. I always thought that that lump was scar tissue, but apparently not. It has never increased in size and has always been the same since that surgery. They did an FNA (fine needle aspiration) on that node and the test came back saying that the cells were reactive I believe, which suggests that it isn't cancerous. However, the docs say that they want to pull the whole node now to make sure there isn't any lymphoma anywhere. I guess my question is that if the FNA showed that it was benign what are the odds that taking the whole node out will change that result? I still am fighting chronic tonsillitus and everyone that hears me talk can tell I have a tonsil problem. Could tonsillitus set in every four to five weeks and keep my nodes swollen this long? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the novel, I just want to make sure I give all the information I have.

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