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Ok- I suppose I should start with some back story...

On July 19th my 18yo son called me from his grandmother's house (where he was visiting) to tell me that the lymph nodes in his neck were enlarged big enough to see from across the room- but not painful- I told him he needed to see a doctor. That evening he was brought to an after hours clinic and the doctor there ran some blood tests and told him he thought he had lymphoma and needed to see an oncologist. So we get him home that night and I talk to an oncologist the next day who runs blood work and on Friday the oncologist just going on his lab work stated he felt he had lymphoma. Over the weekend he got worse- jaundice and more and was admitted to the hospital where more tests were run (CT's, needle biopsy, etc etc) Nothing was conclusive and they decided to discharge him once the acute symptoms minimized- the oncologist at the time was still convinced he had lymphoma- but all were waiting for Epstein Barr results to rule out MONO- The day after his hospital D/C I was to speak to the Oncologist- who told me he initially planned to report that my son had Hodgkins disease but that his Viral count was so high for EBV that he had to have MONO. We are all thrilled with that.

A week later- I notice some pain behind my knee and feel a nodule there and then notice I have pain in my elbows and also find swollen lymph nodes- and by a day or so after- when I returned to work- the nodes in my chest and neck are all swollen and sore. They did blood work on me and I too had MONO- this is my second round with MONO- had it my first semester of college as well and had it then as severe as my son.

Of course- when my son was given the preliminary diagnosis of lymphoma I did like most would do and hit the internet running and read anything and everything I could about it. I even joked with the oncologist that I had more of the symptoms then my son- itching, night sweats, weight loss (I've shed about 40 lbs that I needed to lose since spring), and bruising easily. He just waved it off as a concerned mom getting sympathetic symptims- but most of those I've had for at least a year now.

One of the other symptoms I read about was pain in the lymph nodes after drinking alcohol- and last night I had two friends in from out of town and we went out to eat- and each had 2 margaritas. Sometime after my first margarita I'm telling the story of my son and myself getting MONO and point to my elbow asking them if they knew we had lymph nodes there- and when I touched my elbow it hurt. By the time I got home the lymph nodes in my knees were painful too- and when I woke up this morning I can again feel all of my lymph nodes and even have a "pinching" in my abdomen where my spleen lives. Basically I woke up hurting all over- and you can feel lymph nodes that had receded two weeks ago and hadn't been painful since the initial diagnosis.

So of course my brain flashes back to all the information I read when concerned about my son (who is doing much better btw)... and now I'm wondering if all my symptoms are leading to something

Or could this be just a reaction to the alcohol I drank and the fact that I recently had MONO...

Any advice, info, personal anecdotes would be greatly appreciated.

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