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Need answers?
Aug 26, 2006
Hello, I have posted before. Not on here, but other boards. I need some answers, though. Let me give you my history. First, I had my tonsils taken out when I was 2, for chronic strep throat. Then in August of 1996, I had a benign infected lymph node taken out of the left side of my neck. The seurgeon had to tear my neck muscle to get it out. He said I would always have tenderness on that side of my neck. Then, in November of 2005, I noticed a small and I mean small bump on my tongue. I saw my dentist and she said it needed to be biopsied. I had it removed, ended up being a neurofibroma benign tumor; the size if a quarter taken out of my tongue. I did'nt even know it was there! Well, 2 months before all this I found a pea size lump on the left side of my neck. I let it go, because at the time I had a sore throat. Well, when I found the lump on my tongue, I figured I better get the lump checked out. I saw a gland specialist, who told me not to worry. That was in November. Then, saw my family doctor the end of november for another problem and had him feel it. He said not to worry. It had actually decreased in size from the time I first found it to when I saw him. Then 2 months go by, I still have it. So, I see my doctor again. This time, he's not sure? He mentions infection, cancer, cmv;and a whole host of other things. He referred me to a seurgeon. I see her the following week and as soon as she puts her fingers on it, she says not to worry. She said I probably had a past infection at one time and that this was like scar tissue. It will probaly be there the rest of my life. So, in the end of February I notice another lump on the right side of my neck, farther down though unlike the other one. I let it go, until April when they were hurting alot. I had, had laryngitis and a sore throat off and on for a while. Now, let me tell you these lymph nodes were painless and moveable when I first found them. After three months from the time I first noticed them each, they started hurting. I decided to see a head and neck seurgeon. He was also a ear,nose; and throat specialist. He took my history and felt the nodes and felt the inside of my mouth. He also said not to worry. From my history and considering that that lymph node on the left side of my neck at the time had been there for 7 months; not to worry. So, I felt better.
Well, here it is almost four months later and they are still there and hurting off and on still. I notice they hurt when I get a sore throat and recently I have had a dry hacking cough. I feel a tickle in the back of my throat. I have also had three children with strep and Mono.All within the last 4 months.I am not haveing fevers. I have on a couple of occasions had some sweating at night. Not the drenching type though. But, this always happens when I menstrating. I have occasional itching. But, its confined to certain areas of my body. Like one time my foot itched alot. But,this rarely happens. There was one night a couple of weeks ago, where my whole body itched. But, it only lasted a few minutes. Iam not haveing the itching everyday, all day long. Iam tired, but I am a mom to four children, all under the age of 7! My question is, should I have theselumps re-evaluted or leave them alone? I am just worried they could be soemthing serious and it's a ticking time bomb waiting to go off. I do have severe cystic acne... particulary on the left side of my face. Acne on top of that, on my face also. I also had bells palsy that affected the left sideof my face, 7 years ago in 1999. I want to also mention, I was in the ER a month ago for a pulled muscle in my back and had chest X-rays done. The x rays came out completly fine. That made me a little better about the nodes. I figured if there was somerthing seriously wrong, maybe my chest x-rays would have been different.Iam sorry this is so long, and I really appreciate you all reading all of this! But, any answers would be appreciated? Thanks again and God Bless all of you.

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